Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oops! I did it again!!

I joined another apron swap. this one has a fab theme and the gals that usually sign up for it are a hoot!

           Cool Drinks for Hot Mamas!
                     I know, right. How fun is that!!! I am thinking Mad Men, retro chic, Rat Pack and martinis! 
Maybe even a tiki themed, Hawaii 5-0,  Elvis Blue Hawaii thing! 
Not the same Hawaiian theme as the other swap I'm in......
partner info to show up in my inbox soon..........eeeeeeeeeeee

It's  sickness, I know. But I could be addicted to much worse, right?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Corset 2 done!

Did I take any pics? Noooooooooo. LOL  But I dropped it off today. In the next week, I'll be helping make some regency style dresses for Butterfield 8's performance of Pride and Prejudice. maybe even a new dress for me in a color that doesn't suck what little color I have all away. I can't wait!! And yes, I will take pictures.
 Here's a group shot I found online. Everything but the 'retro' one in the corner is in the running.
I have two of these. :-)

Today is a perfect day to be inside sewing. Rain, thunder, lightning, wind. Yeppers, perfect indoor weather.......which is why I was out in it for four hours.

Tonight, I am going to try and fit a dress on me (at least get it all cut out). It's freezing (okay wet and 60º), so it must be a summer dress. LOL  The blue one, I have the chambray all ready to go. I'll make the muslin out of white fabric, hip length, maybe use it as a shirt if it looks cute. ???????

 I might even see what kind of fabric I have in the closet and make some shoebags for my upcoming trip!!

I know, a tad boring, but I felt the need to blog. :-)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zipper bag for what?

Did you ever buy a piece of fabric that you just had to have? You don't know why, it matches nothing and the piece isn't all that big,,,,,but you get it anyway. I have a few pieces like that. LOL 
This particular piece is white with bras all over it. I know, I know.....what was I thinking? But I had to have it! It's just barely a half a yard. Last night, I finally decided what to do with it!!
A bra bag. I will be traveling to So. Cal. at the end of next month and I decided I wanted pretty luggage. I don't need to buy a new suit case, but I wanted the innards to be nicer than the gallon size ziplocks I use. :-)


It's 10" by 15"

Of course I had to make it more difficult by using a directional fabric that I wanted going the same way on the back. Lame!! It's just a bag that goes inside another bag.......
oh well....all out or get out, right?

It is supposed to hold four sets of unmentionables. I can show you, but I can't tell you. hahahahaha

It does!!!!! And one of the sets is that blasted molded cup kind!!

One cute accessory down. MMmmmmmmm, what next??

Don't fear the zipperbag tutorial is the link to my friend Karen's blog. She feature this tutorial for a smaller version of the bag.
**mini tute**
Basically, for what ever size you want, you make the back side 2" taller than the front.

For my bag, I used a directional fabric [a pattern (picture) that only looks good one way] so I had to have an extra seam so the bras were all going the same direction on both sides, but the math was pretty much the same.
I also didn't use the fusible batting...I had a heavy white canvas as the liner and though the extra layer would be overkill.

Soooooooo for directional, fussy, persnickity cutting I did this:

Decided on a bag size: in this case 10 x 15 inches finished ( all future measurements will be in inches)
Adjusted cutting to accommodate my fabric choice and my penchant for doing things the hard way.
Adjusted said measurements for seam allowances...I use a 1/4", but you can use what ever you like....just be consistent!!
I have two front pieces and one back piece:
Back piece is 10.5 by 15.5
Top front piece is: 1.5 by 15.5
Bottom front piece is 9 by 15.5 
Then follow Karen's zipper instructions with you front pieces only.
Open the zipper 2/3 the way, put right sides together, sew and turn. Taa-daaaaa fussy cut zipper bag!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Steering Wheel too Hot to Handle???

Make a cover!!!
Here are three ways to combat burnt hands during the blistering days of summer.
And two tutorials. You can make them all pretty, but I just made mine plain and functional.

* * * * * WARNING * * * * *
This project is very easy.

Supplies for number 1: 
cheap white terry towel 
(or whatever light colored fabric you'd like to use, it should have a little stretch) 
and pins

Drape the towel over your steering wheel to see how much of a flap you can have in the back. 
4-6 inches is plenty for most cars.

After you decide on flap depth (length?) 
Pin the sides so they are even and stay nice and flat during the process.

Put the cloth back on the steering wheel and loosely pin the outline of the top of the wheel to where the flap ends. 
It doesn't have to be form fitting...just close enough.

Do the other side.

With a pin, mark how far you want it to hang.

Sew the semi circle. Again, this is a loose fit. 
Trim the sides the same width as the seam allowance. I used an inch.

Finish all your raw edges with a zig-zag, serger or fold and stitch.
Hang over steering wheel. D-o-n-e!

Number 2:

Measure the circumference of your steering wheel. Mine was 48"

 Measure around the part you hold.

Cut a strip (or strips to fit)that width of the grip and the length of the circumference
I like to sew the seam allowances flat.

Fold over each side and make a seam. then overlap the ends and sew and nice box to keep it closed.

The terry clothe (or fleece) stretches, so no elastic needed.

If I make another one, I will make my strip 2" wider than the grip and 3-4" longer than the circumference and put elastic (3 or 4"" shorter the the circumference) in the side seams.
If you use fabric that has no stretch, use the directions for adding elastic.

Number three.....( no pictorial because I didn't make a third cover lol)

measure the diameter of your steering wheel.
Make a circle of fabric that is 3-5 inches bigger....ALL the way around.
My steering wheel is 16", so I would cut a circle that has a diameter of 22" inches 
for a 4" over-hang all the way around.

Make a casing, add elastic that is 3-5" shorter than the circumference of the steering wheel. 
Put it on like a big ol' showercap for your steering wheel.

See, easy peasy!!

SilverLily Likes to Sew

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Reading

Even though life is uber busy with teenagers and sewing and just plain living, I joined the summer Reading Programs at the Contra Costa County Library AND the Sacramento Library (I could win and ipad2!!)
At CCCLIB, you fill out a review form and drop it off for each book read or you can fill it out online.
SacLib has a bingo card...(I just need to read a biography to get my first bingo) and turn it in. You get a canvas book bag and a chance to win the aforementioned IPAD2.
So far, I am off to a pretty good start:

First, a couple of quick rereads. I like to revisit a book every now and again.

This one makes me smile and laugh. Really, how can you go wrong with a girl in a headless squirrel outfit?
It's part of a series of books about Chicago Stars Football. Most of the books in the series are okay, but this one is my only 5 star read...that others are all good, solid 3.5s. Of course, we are all different. :-)


This one has some amusing parts, some graphic parts and some sweet parts.
It, too, is a series. The first three books are great ( 1 and 2 are the best) then they just get a little too much for me. I am no quitter, I'll keep reading to see what happens to the characters, but if the next one is as odd as the last, I just may have to give up on the brothers.

 Just started reading this today. If the rest of the book is as good as the first chapter.....boy oh boy, it's gonna be a great read......and by that I mean: I will stay up all dang night to see what happens!!

This one is waiting in the wings. I should say, stored on my Nook. It came as a library recommendation (another spot on my bingo card, yes!) and it looks like it will be a cute summer read.

Also, B and N has a couple of nook books for cheap, so I may will add these to my list:

Hey, I just noticed two of these are by the same author! LOL

I love light hearted romances and sue me!
A good mystery (with romance and paranormal activity is even better)

What will you be reading this summer???? I would LOVE to hear what you might be reading and add to my list! I still need some bingo spots( you can play more than once and I want my bingos to be different) like:
Read a classic
Read a biography
Read a graphic novel
Read with family and/or friends......ooooOOOoooooooooo a group read!!!!! Who's with me?????!!!!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beta Testing a New Pattern

I don't know about where you live, but it's hot here....104ºf  hot!!
I spent most of yesterday in the heat with several other ladies at a local costume shop trying out a new pattern. JoAnn Peterson From Sac City Dry Goods and Laughing Moon Patterns is designing an early 19th century(regency) corset pattern. She has tons of late 19th century (victorian) patterns that she's drafted, but no regency. This one will have two ways of doing it.....a period correct construction and a theatrical build.
We were working on the theatrical build and proofing her directions for typos and things she may have left out because she is so close to the work.
So far, so good. I made a few suggestions that just might end up as part of the produced pattern.
Thank you apron making!!!

There were several costume lovers of all skills and ages and we had a great time! We get to learn new skills, get a pattern and it's doesn't cost us any cash....just a few hours of camaraderie....Awesome sauce!!

My progress so far:

As you can see, she gives us each a kit with all the materials to make the corset. Also a set of directions. 
They are limited to just the text at this point, but she's there if we have any issues.
Yes, that is a paint's for the busk. They work great!

I got as far as altering all my pieces for a specific person,
(These will actually be used in Pride and Prejudice in August)
reviewing the directions, some assembly and all the grommeting.

The lining is cotton sateen and the outer fabric is a heavyweight coutil. VERY heavy. LOL

The main difference between the theatrical and the period correct is the kind of sewing involved.
Notice how we sewed and turned the straps here.... If it was period, it would be bound and there would've been a hand-worked eyelet. Metal grommets weren't invented yet.
Also, the side seams will be sewn with a much deeper seam allowance and sewn in a way that it can be altered without a lot of dis-assembly.  It will also have a lot less embellishment because it will be designed
to be made quickly, fuss free and easily altered.

I hope I get to beta test the period correct version. there will be cording and some intricate work on it, making it almost too pretty to wear...........................almost!

Next time you are in Old Town Sacramento,  stop by the store.
There will be Gold Rush Days this fall....maybe you'll see me as a saloon girl or churning butter??????
You just never know.......

This corset is more period correct.....I did do metal grommets though, I am not a reenactor, just an enthusiast!! I rocked my Jane Austen Dress in it!!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My top secret FNSI (Friday night sew in)

She gets it today so I can post all about it. 
(well, it's really tomorrow since I am writing this Saturday night. lol)

I blogged awhile back about my friend Denise getting her black belt in Uechi Ryu karate. She also just had a birthday. 

WWWWeeeelllllllllll her mom wanted to give her something special so she asked me to make an apron that looked like a karate gi. 
I hope I was successful!!

Your basic gi top.

I took my basic TNT (tried and true) apron pattern and made a few changes.

Gave it a v-neck.

Top-stitched for ev-ver!!!

And ever......

Then I attached it to look like a closed gi.
Yes, with more top-stitching.

 Only 12 more feet times 6 rows of top-stitching on the belt.
Then I attached it with an opening in the center so she could tie it like a real gi belt.

Almost still needs patches!

That's me modeling. She'll look better in it since it's cut for her!! And she'll probably tie the belt with the correct knot too. LOL

Happy birthday from your mom, Denise!!


Happy Father's Day!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew In---my third!

I wish I had more to post, but I did get quite a bit done!!

First, I finished something I can't post about yet. 

I can you that it is an apron. I can tell you that it is my very own design. I can tell you that it is more than one color.  he he he
I Hope I can blog about it soon!!!! VERY soon! Like yesterday soon. Rats!!

Next, I tried out a pattern for a friend. She did not like it ( ie...hated it big time) and I offered to sample it and see if I had the same kind of issues.

Alas, I did not, but it is not a friendly pattern to sew. I do a lot of oddball historic sewing, so that is probably why I didn't have the same issues.

Turned out cute though...

This is the pattern
I was just testing so I didn't do any fancy patchwork.

As you can see, the zipper was attached in a way that the seam couldn't be finished during application. And it was a pain to have all that batting up in my business. I whipped stitched it down to keep it neat and clean looking.

Inside view. I didn't change the serger thread to black or else it would be a lot prettier. :-)

What it looks like looking in. 

 All in all, it took me about an hour .
(if you discount the fact that a 10 CM zipper is not the same as a 10 IN zipper and I had to got get the right one before I could finish) Cute little bag, but there are far easier ways to make it. Not having a bottom seam made it a challenge. Next time, bottom seam and a bag lining.

I had grandiose plans, maybe next FSNI I can be better prepared to have a ton-o-stuff completed.