Friday, June 24, 2011

Steering Wheel too Hot to Handle???

Make a cover!!!
Here are three ways to combat burnt hands during the blistering days of summer.
And two tutorials. You can make them all pretty, but I just made mine plain and functional.

* * * * * WARNING * * * * *
This project is very easy.

Supplies for number 1: 
cheap white terry towel 
(or whatever light colored fabric you'd like to use, it should have a little stretch) 
and pins

Drape the towel over your steering wheel to see how much of a flap you can have in the back. 
4-6 inches is plenty for most cars.

After you decide on flap depth (length?) 
Pin the sides so they are even and stay nice and flat during the process.

Put the cloth back on the steering wheel and loosely pin the outline of the top of the wheel to where the flap ends. 
It doesn't have to be form fitting...just close enough.

Do the other side.

With a pin, mark how far you want it to hang.

Sew the semi circle. Again, this is a loose fit. 
Trim the sides the same width as the seam allowance. I used an inch.

Finish all your raw edges with a zig-zag, serger or fold and stitch.
Hang over steering wheel. D-o-n-e!

Number 2:

Measure the circumference of your steering wheel. Mine was 48"

 Measure around the part you hold.

Cut a strip (or strips to fit)that width of the grip and the length of the circumference
I like to sew the seam allowances flat.

Fold over each side and make a seam. then overlap the ends and sew and nice box to keep it closed.

The terry clothe (or fleece) stretches, so no elastic needed.

If I make another one, I will make my strip 2" wider than the grip and 3-4" longer than the circumference and put elastic (3 or 4"" shorter the the circumference) in the side seams.
If you use fabric that has no stretch, use the directions for adding elastic.

Number three.....( no pictorial because I didn't make a third cover lol)

measure the diameter of your steering wheel.
Make a circle of fabric that is 3-5 inches bigger....ALL the way around.
My steering wheel is 16", so I would cut a circle that has a diameter of 22" inches 
for a 4" over-hang all the way around.

Make a casing, add elastic that is 3-5" shorter than the circumference of the steering wheel. 
Put it on like a big ol' showercap for your steering wheel.

See, easy peasy!!

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  1. Very clever my friend :) Great idea :)

  2. Totally cute pincushion too by the way :)

  3. What a clever idea! love it:) Im always dreading driving my car when it's hot as the steering wheel burns my hands so definitely going to make a cover for it :)

  4. What a great idea and like all the very best ideas simple too!