Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Reading

Even though life is uber busy with teenagers and sewing and just plain living, I joined the summer Reading Programs at the Contra Costa County Library AND the Sacramento Library (I could win and ipad2!!)
At CCCLIB, you fill out a review form and drop it off for each book read or you can fill it out online.
SacLib has a bingo card...(I just need to read a biography to get my first bingo) and turn it in. You get a canvas book bag and a chance to win the aforementioned IPAD2.
So far, I am off to a pretty good start:

First, a couple of quick rereads. I like to revisit a book every now and again.

This one makes me smile and laugh. Really, how can you go wrong with a girl in a headless squirrel outfit?
It's part of a series of books about Chicago Stars Football. Most of the books in the series are okay, but this one is my only 5 star read...that others are all good, solid 3.5s. Of course, we are all different. :-)


This one has some amusing parts, some graphic parts and some sweet parts.
It, too, is a series. The first three books are great ( 1 and 2 are the best) then they just get a little too much for me. I am no quitter, I'll keep reading to see what happens to the characters, but if the next one is as odd as the last, I just may have to give up on the brothers.

 Just started reading this today. If the rest of the book is as good as the first chapter.....boy oh boy, it's gonna be a great read......and by that I mean: I will stay up all dang night to see what happens!!

This one is waiting in the wings. I should say, stored on my Nook. It came as a library recommendation (another spot on my bingo card, yes!) and it looks like it will be a cute summer read.

Also, B and N has a couple of nook books for cheap, so I may will add these to my list:

Hey, I just noticed two of these are by the same author! LOL

I love light hearted romances and sue me!
A good mystery (with romance and paranormal activity is even better)

What will you be reading this summer???? I would LOVE to hear what you might be reading and add to my list! I still need some bingo spots( you can play more than once and I want my bingos to be different) like:
Read a classic
Read a biography
Read a graphic novel
Read with family and/or friends......ooooOOOoooooooooo a group read!!!!! Who's with me?????!!!!!



  1. Sounds like you have quite a few interesting and fun books to read. I'm currently reading the classic "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It's an old-fashioned, easy reading little book but quite cute so far and I'm enjoying it.
    And isn't anything involving Anita Blake considered a "graphic novel?"

  2. LOL I think they mean comic book style..and yes, Anita is graphic beyond belief.

  3. Where do you find time to read? I used to live with my nose planted in a book, then I got married, had children, worked, had grandchildren. Now I'm having a good day when I make time to read my bible! I think I have too many hobbies :)

  4. I read during my lunch hour and for a bit before I go to sleep at night but that's about it.

  5. If it weren't for airplanes I'd never get time to read! thanks for the suggestions, I may need to find one or two of those.