Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week 23

Lots going so gets in the way of creativity more than I would like. Some good life, some ukky life, some mundane life. It's all good in the end.

Hoop view of week 23 plus a close up of the last few motifs
Cat ears for London, t-shirt cuz I bought way too many, cherry season and donut day!

Treated myself to a white Levi® jacket
I wasn't sure, but I am sure I love it now.

I want to walk in the Rose, white and blue parade on the fourth. Looking to make a mid teens walking ensemble to fit in with the suffragette theme of the group. These are my ideal, but I will probably go cheap and easy with a navy walking skirt, white blouse and some spats to mask my tennies.

Got a double yolker. How fun is that?

Been keeping active...down 2.6 lbs

Next to the last nephew graduated from highschool. Goooo coyotes!

Celebrated national Donut Day with a simple glazed donut.
And maybe a chocolate covered cake donut with coconut too. LOL

Like I said, lots of life. House hunting, MIL ambulance ride to emergency (totally unnecessary), dot, dog, birthdays and holidays. Life is quite a ride!

How's life treating you?