Friday, July 15, 2016

A few Treats

I have been busy with vacationing and planning and taking care of peeps, so, consequently, not much in the way of sewing action. 

I decided on a quick little project for some sewing peeps of mine.

They are about 3 x 3 square with some custon twill on the sides.

Been wanting to try this thimble for quite awhile.
Hope it does what I want. Will update... as only time will tell.

Picked up this lightweight patterned denim for my Darling Ranges dress.
I've been wanting to complete this for-ev-er. The store only had a tad over 2 yards. It is 60" wide, so I think I have enough......just barely. 
Still need to tweak the bodice....
♫♪ I got big boobs and I cannot lie.....♪♫

Gonna give spray basting a try on a table runner that needs quilting.

The MIL wants a tiered boho skirt, so that needs some fabric choices and layer width choices.

Don't need a pattern, I mean it's all gathered rectangles, right?

That's it for me. What's on your agenda??