Thursday, June 25, 2015

Doin Summer, the Acuff way

A quilterly friend I know quotes Jon Acuff frequently. Short little bites of helpful information passes before my eyes every now and again. Weeelll, one little bit of ephemera caught my eye and held my attention......#DoSummer2015

A fun little learning activity that has you commit to 1500 minutes of learning something new or getting better at something you do. You get a little check off printable too.....

That means 15 minutes per day for 100 days or however many 15 minute segments you do. Today I worked on my skill for 1 hour so I colored in 4 boxes. If I get done before the end of summer, I will pick something else to do. Heck, I may even do one per season!!

What did I pick?  Something that seems to be all the rage...Bible Art Journaling.
I am not normally a bandwagon kinda girl: I am usually out front, leading the parade. LOL  I do like a good parade, but I digress......

Why did this speak to me? I seem to be utterly unable to write in my bible. It feels like I am defiling a sacred text or something. A major hang up, to be sure, since the Bible is supposed to be a living, breathing, how-to manual for living life to the fullest. I am actually supposed to use it, touch it, feel it, learn it, be one with it. How can you do that if you don't take notes or highlight what is speaking to you?  You can't, you really can't. So I am taking a bold step toward getting rid of my hang up.

The tools......simple, inexpensive, few

A wide margin Bible of your choice and something to write with

It can be as simple as a pencil or a single fineline marker or watercolor pencils.....whatever strikes your fancy. I am starting with what I already have.

I have only done a couple pages and it is harder than I thought. Not just the skill to do pretty things, but to really ponder the words and then translate them to something artistic that gets the point across. You really have to think about it....a lot. At least I do, beginner that I am.

My first few feeble attempts.  LOL  Can you say kindergarten? Sure, I knew you could.

I cannot say Jeremiah without saying "Jeremiah was a bullfrog"

My flower ain't too dang bad.......

There are a few more, but you get the general idea. 
Yes, I hope my skillz get mad, but I will settle for finding my style and not having extreme trepidation when a pencil comes close to a page.

What will you DO this summer?? 

I've got a full sewing plate and I can't wait to commit to 1500 minute of that!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

My Sewing room saw some action...finally

I have done little bits here and there and even a finish or two with lots of sewing in the pipeline.....first up an Olaf costume for VBS........that is gonna be interesting, let me tell pattern, just wingin it. lol

I made a phone bean bag. Pretty easy. Not thrilled with the shape. 
Does it work....quite well. 

Finished a quilt top

Went to an American Jane open house and picked up some backing fabric

Finished a giftee for a friend's birthday. My first sashiko project.
Yes, there will be more.

Working on an anniversary gift for my son and his bride

Scraps for a quilt for my granddot

Treated myself to a little Who love from sewmuch2luv

She sent a few scraps so I could make a matching sewing case

A sewmuch2luv original with a matching sewing kit

grocery bag b-day gift

Father's day 5k.....a little early

A wacky couple of days of manic weather

Gratuitous granddot shot.
She is helpin papa and her lips are blue because grammy has ring pops in da house/  

I so want to be a finisher, so I figure even it I just sew or prep or something for at least 15-30 minutes a day, things will get done. I have other responsibilities and I usually won't sew unless all my "haftas" are done, but I am getting better at adding fun into my daily planner. Not just tv time, but actual go outside or sew something time. After Olaf, I am going to finish that darned Eva dress.....yessireebob!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

In Honor of National Running Day....

5k Madnesssssssss

I keep telling myself to blog at least once a week, but then life gets in the way, and there had been a whole lotta livin' goin' on. And that is a good thing!!

A few pics of the last several weeks....

My friend Denise and I did #runlikeadiva on the SF Bay......sooo wanna do it again!

The official Regena pit crew...of one. The hubs

Waiting for our group to be called to the starting line

Almost time....sleeves off....brrrrrr like a big dang dog

And we're off.......

 Getting close...we passed the tiara/boa station


Our goal.....not last. Piece o' cake!


I knew people there....surprise!

Katie from school

a fellow nuu-muu-er

Can't forget packet pick-up day....

I am actually a "wogger" (walker+jogger) and it has been so fun to earn a little bling to keep me motivated on my journey into better health. Fitting into a regular ol' large instead of a 2X is a great bonus!

I did get some sewing in, but that's for another post.

And now.....the gratuitous granddot shot....little miss thang turned three....3!!!

I know, I know....I am making the gramma face

Happy living!!