Friday, March 25, 2016

I've lost that bloggin' feeling...oh that bloggin' feelin'

Yep, it happens to the best of keep your blog up for years and then the mojo wears out and life gets ├╝ber busy. Some fun busy, some not so fun busy. 

Let's stick with the fun busy..

Had a birthday. The DIL made be a borg cube awesome is that?!

Made some icebox cookies from an old cookbook. They did not taste like what I remember.

Funnest tomato ever

It sure dressed up this quiche

Spring sprung

Had some fun granddot times

Started a sashiko table's farther along than this pic shows, but not a lot. LOL

Had a fun day at Polly's quilt camp

I have started cutting out the pieces for an American Jane quilt called... Down by the Bay
It looks like a camp blanket. Love it. I have to finish two colors of triangles and the background fabric, then I can start piecing. 

I did a muslin for the Darling Ranges needs some tweaking in the boob area, but it isn't a bad dry run.

The Eva dress muslin fits great, I just need to get the pieces cut out. It should be a quick sew. I plan to try my hand at shearing with elastic thread instead of a waist tie. Wish me luck....LOL

I do have tons I want to accomplish, but life means I have to take my time instead of devoting all my time to creative pursuits....drat! At least I will never be bored, right?