Friday, March 18, 2011

Felt Tips

Got this tip from a crafty friend, Karen, and it worked so good I just had to share it!!
Are you ready???
You use packing tape on your tiny pieces to stick to your felt. It holds everything flat and you can get a nice clean cut!!!
Tip number two: don't fold your felt, use enough pattern pieces so you can fully layout your items and they stay labeled and you don't have to deal with the bump of folded fabric. (tip 3) Also, make a full piece (see the tail) to compensate for not folding. When you work with tiny pieces, any little miss-cut makes a big difference.

Pattern pieces tapped to the felt. This is the good wool blend stuff. The taped pulled off easy peasy.

See how flat the pattern piece stays! And yes, I did over trim one little foot in the back. You should always pay extra attention with tiny pieces. LOL

The finished pup!! Working on pup number two in the deep chocolate color with matching floss.



  1. He is adorable! Great job Gena.... I see someone who's gettin all crafty with her bad self :)

  2. Wow! Those are super cute! And I do see she's taken over the Enterprise!

  3. Take over the Enterprise? Never!!!!!

    My bad self...I like that!!

  4. Aurelia would like a copy of this pattern -0 so cute!

  5. that doggie is outta this world!

  6. Thanks for the felt tips. I've never thought of taping the patterns. That Karen is so smart!
    The doggie is adorable! It looks like a good doggie for Amy(I think she'd love it!) Now you just need to make a felt avocado tree for the doggie to climb. He, he!

  7. wow, genial gracias por este tutorial


  8. huge nostalgia trip seeing your cute little dog. I made a whole set of Winnie the Pooh characters for a friend's daughter many years ago, they were her favourite thing when she was little.
    excellent tip, thanks for sharing

  9. thanks for the tips. and that dog is so cute :)

  10. What a great tip and that pup is sooooo cute. Well done!