Friday, March 4, 2011

Hot Mama Chicken swappin aprons

My partner and I got our packages on the same day!! We even got to open them at almost the same time. We both really like our stuff!!
Here's a few pics:

Me and my apron. It makes me look 20 lbs's a miracle apron!!!

The rest of my goodies! Do you see it??? That's right!! A Star Trek Chicken Pincushion!!!
Her official title: Jane T. Kluck of the Star Peck Hen-terprise.
Honestly, does it get any better???  She will never have a pin stuck in can bet on it!!!

What I sent.....and who I sent to> She was the maker of all the chickeny goodness that I got!!

If you want some of her skillfully and thoughtfully made items, visit her new etsy shop!!!
(yes, it's a shameless plug, but she has mad skills!)

What I made for her:

Is she not the cutest thing ever in her retina burning apron??

Swapping is addictive and fun...especially when you get a good partner!!!

ps....we used the same dang that cool or what????



  1. Love that you are happy and love that I am happy! It was a very good day to be us!

  2. Val, how can anything that day-glo be called precious? LOL

  3. Star Trek Chicken ROFL Love it. I think I'm going to make myself one of those magic aprons.