Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting older is a crime?

My brain cells are dying. It's true. Between raising kids and menopause I can hardly remember what I am doing while I'm doing it. Believe it or not, this stuff is ''for real".

 And I know I need it because I was pulling out of the driveway, on the way to the post office, when all of the sudden it dawned on me: Ack!! The apron that was the main part of the package was stilllllll hanging on the dress form!! 

At least I remembered before I actually mailed it!!  It would've been a felony to retrieve it and then petty theft and mail fraud to shove it back in the drop box. LOL  Oh nooooooooo, who knew getting older was criminal??? Not me or else I wouldn't have done it!!



  1. And beyond aggravating! Love your humor!

  2. The problem do you remember to take the darn vitamin? And if you do take one, how do you remember if you took it already?

  3. @ Karen, I just don't know!! I can't go around with a florescent post-it stuck to my forehead......can I?