Tuesday, August 31, 2010

They give me feevah

I could soooooooo live without hot flashes! 
It's like I am the internal inferno. LOL
The weather is fab.......... on the outside. :-)

Monday, August 30, 2010

exhale, ahhhhh, sigh......

I'm not that distracted today. Nothing exciting to post. Only some PTSA stuff the HAS to be dealt with (snooze-o-rama).
I guess that means that I am being distracted by not being distracted???
Okay, so it's no entirely true, I just ordered my chase card rewards and now I am thinking.....(read really fast and with a slight paula deanish accent) which machine to get and how much to spend and do I really want to get rid of a featherweight or just save a little extra somewhere else, and where can I get a graphing calculator that doesn't cost as much as a new sewing machine because the boy needs it for college math, will my sister get  out of the hospital today or will she have to stay another day or two, do I wanna go to the chase bank and do my ptsa stuff today like a good girl or do I want to piddle the day away blogging, finish a gramma photo album by this Saturday, pay bills, watch my dvr's trueblood episode and wonder if Grayson will really know it's Deb when drop dead diva returns, did I really eat that many black jellybeans, are my nails getting too long,  and, and, and ..................okay, maybe I am a little distracted. Or not! ;-)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Should I or shouldn't I? Really, it's which one and how soon can I get it? :-)

Shopping for a back up sewing machine. I am looking at a Janome AQS 2009 or 8077. The AQS is a 3/4 size machine and weighs 11 lbs. I am leaning toward that one. So now I am distracted with finding it at a good price and then playing with it when it gets here. Then I will have to sell one of my featherweights to pay for it. LOL I guess I don't need two fw's......don't I?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The final chapter in Alice, story of an apron

I think it turned out nice! I want one! I must enlarge the pattern to fit my proportions, my swapee is petite and it will look fab on her!!
Hope you enjoyed my Alice journey as much as I did!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Alice Apron......a story board

This is her highness from beginning to almost the end. I have to have a few surprises, don't I? Does that satisfy your curiosity, Karen? Hope so!

Duh and oy!!

     Sooooo, I'm gazing at my Alice apron, I'm smiling, I'm wishing I had one just like it....I, I, I, I....rats!! What is that scrap of fabric I see? I forgot to put on the pocket. No biggy, right? Wrong! Did I plan for a nice, easy, schmeasy patch pocket? Noooooooo, I couldn't have a royal apron with a simple pocket....how would that look?  Soooooooo, I unsew 8 inches on each seam so I can insert the pocket. You would think that would be a simple task, but noooooooooo, not this morning! My pocket is not square and I put it in upside down. Yes, I trimmed off the extra fabric before I realized my little trapezoid was upside down. Yyyyeeesssss, I had to make a whole new pocket and make sure I put it in right side up this time.
     I am supposed to be at the post office right now. I am supposed to bring home my tracking number and tell our swap mistress that my package is winging its way to its new home.
     I am not supposed to be having a fit and cursing the heavens!
    Maybe I should lay off the allergy meds; breathing freely is sooooooooo overrated!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

**Project Runway Spoiler alert**

Seriously, what was Team Luxe thinking?? They soooo had a boring and u-g-l-y collection. I knew they were gonna lose and I am soooooo glad they did! but who will be the winner from the 'underdogs? Peach, Casanova? Who will go home?    Jeepers!Gretchen is such a cry baby!!  They totally threw Michael C. under the bus. I cannot believe how Team Luxe fell completely to pieces. They had 4 wins between the 6 of them and the other team had none! Now to see who the winner is and who's 'auf'd'.  Yeah, weird Casanova wins!                                                              And the llloooosssseeeerrrrrrr is:  A.J.    I thought for sure it would be Ivy. Oh well...good week, good drama and the underdogs take it all!!! Tim sooooo told Gretchen off!  Looks like a lot of the drama this season.......yeah buddy!!!

one step closer to being done!!

Actually, I am a lot farther than the pic, but I wanted to post my steps.
Bodice is trimmed out and straps are done.

I am working on the pocket and the waistband then I will be done!!!!

I will be on time so nooooo....off with her head!!!!


The bodice patterns are made and now the fabric fun begins. By the end of today, the regal queen of hearts should be ready to travel to her new castle.
Found this completely by accident! Perfection.
goodies, or should I say: tuck-ins?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

cupcakes are outta the oven, I mean off the sewing machine

Well, one more apron done!!
My friend Polly has a daughter that loves cupcakes and the baking thereof.........request granted!!!
I think it turned out kinda cute!!

Now, to finish up Alice in Wonderland while my tension issues are fixed!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ugh and prayers and good wishes!!

Well, my distraction of late has been my sister. She's in the hospital with acute pancreatitus and will be in there at least another week. Mom is freaking, I am worried and sister is not happy.

I hope to be a little more productive this week as I have one apron to finish for a client and one for a swap.

The cupcake apron is almost done and my Alice in Wonderland now has a pattern made and fabric prepped. Just gotta figure out how to make the waist work the way I am seeing it in my head. A little bit of hand beading is involved...maybe....haven't decided yet. Tuck-ins ready to go!!

Keep my sister in your thoughts and prayers as well as the staff and my mom.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Am I crazy??? Don't answer that!!

Why would a normally, partially sane person take 4 teenagers (ages 14-19) to San Francisco for back to school shopping? 
Why would I walk into a 3 story Forever 21?
A Two story Hello Kitty store?
What about FAO Schwartz?
Maybe I'll just go to the big ol' Britex fabrics for the entire time and let the city deal with 'em!!
Ahhhhhhhh...a girl can dream, can't she?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What do sock monkeys and flamingos have in common???

They are together in a reversible apron!!

My friend Donna has a sock monkey fetish and the flamingos are a joke with another friend of hers. 
I hope she likes these two beauties and I hope they make it ot the baby shower on time!! 
She's a first time grammy!!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Guess what I found??

On the Hot Mama Apron Swap blog, we were talking about a foot that attaches bias binding
Wwwweeeellllllllll, my machine is having so tension fits so I pulled out my trusty ol' featherweight and what did i spy????? A bias binding foot!!!!!! Seriously!! I've been coveting this thing for a year and I've had one for 10 and didn't even know it!! Big giant "doy" to me!!  Will write about how it works after I figure it out!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And sew it begins............

Just started playing with layout and the fabric. Not sure how it will end up, but this is just the first pinning.
Do I pleat or do I gather?
Do I go symmetrical or wonky?
Do I like this or do I like that?
Don'tcha just LOVE trying to answer all those questions?
Feels like project runway in my dining room!!
Now I just need my teenagers to provide the drama!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maria Guadalupe UnaChicaLoca de Texas

That's me in pirate mode. Admiral Crunch tried to have me walk the plank but I tossed a bag full of pirate booty at the kids and was allowed to stay on board!!
VBS is soooooo much fun for the adults! hahahaha

Our song leaders: Sophie (mine on the left) and Sierra
Admiral Crunch and the fisherman and crew

Monday, August 9, 2010

High Seas Adventure with VBS


This weeks distraction is Vacation Bible School. We are on the High Seas and learning to trust Jesus through all of life's adventures. We are a wild and crazy bunch and I will be in full pirate mode and dress. Stop by, drop of your sea urchin (grades k-6) for fun, food, bible study. The adventure is FREE!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Apron Swap


My next distraction is an apron swap. I am making one based on the red queen's dress in the Tim Burton version. Haven't quite decided on how the bodice will look, but something corsety and graphic. Not sure about the bling. It IS and apron and I want the person getting it to use it but bling doesn't wash so easy. This is a challenge I am totally up for!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Coffee anyone??

My latest effort...
a coffee apron for Kathi Lipp.
Hope she likes it as much as I do!!