Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Can it!

Okay, I went and did something a little frivolous. It could be an expensive proposition if I like them and they work as well as they are cute.  

I bought a sampling of Weck brand canning jars  They are showing up as the eye candy on a few blogs and I had to try them.  I have ball/kerr/mason jars and lids (the metal and ring type and the plastic daily use kind) but I wanted some eye candy for myself.  Darned pinterest!
I bought 4 sizes..
* 9.8oz tall
* 9.8 oz short and wide
* 12.5 oz short and wide 
* 1/2 liter (19.8 oz)

It says European liter....I can only assume they have bigger liters by the ounce measurements. Here, we are 33.8oz

I want to try my hand a pickling some veggies and some "lunch in a jar" type things for the hubs.
I make soup for the MIL weekly and use the ball/kerr/mason jars in the 8oz size. She says that is the perfect size for her. I really need more plastic lids.

Lid view 

There are plastic lids available for these too, but not from where I got the jars

cabinet view

comparison pics

This is the pic that hooked me but good..................... 19.8 (1/2L) jar with diy ramen.

Here are a couple of links for the cup o' soup type foods. I am sure there is soooo much more out there. You can bake and freeze in these puppies too.

Do you use lots of jars? Trying to get away from plastic? Can stuff?
I can use all the help I can get!!

More news as I try them.