Monday, November 14, 2011

Tutorial: How to get a nice clean corner on a fleece blanket.

Several years ago I saw a sewing tip in Threads magazine. It was for making nice, clean corners and hems on napkins. I adapted this technique to making a single fold on fleece. Who ever thought of the original technique was a genius!  

No more doubled folded corners for me!!! 
No more extra bulk!! 
No more itsy bitsy thread tails on the edges!! 

I am making several fleece blankies as gifts, so I thought I would share how I get a nice, clean, finished edge and a lovely mitered corner. 

If your fabric has a ''good'' side. make sure that faces away from you.  Annnddddddd, make sure you do all your corners the same direction....ask me how I know that! LOL 

Trim off the selvedges and make your blankie piece all even.

Decide how wide you want you hem to be. Pin first side.

Do the same to the second side.

 Use tailor's tacks to mark the outside corner and where the fabric meets on the inside corners

 Open. If you corner is not visable enough for you, add another tack.

Fold right sides together having the inside corner marks meet and the corner is a nice, sharp point.


Sew from thread to thread. You will end up with a triangle

See, triangle

Fold it under and see if it all worked out....ta daaaa

Open it back up, trim off the excess triangle and pull out your thread tacks

Taaa daaaaaaaaa

I use a zig zag stitch to hold down my hem.  
And I start my stitching a few inches before a corner for a nice clean stitching line.


Outside (or ''good'' side)

No thread tails hanging off the edge. 
No uneven, lumpy, bumpy edge.
Wow, it still amazes me every time!!

Only 6 more to go.........

Happy stitching!


  1. That is genius! I'll have to try that.

  2. Thanks so much Regena, I always battle with this! Stop by my blog for a giveaway:

  3. Great idea. Would it work on blanket made with two pieces of fleece? I could do the corners and then place the smaller piece under the edge before stitching it.

  4. Magic Mitered Corners!! It worked fine with two pieces of fleece.

  5. This was very helpful, thanks! Although, I struggled getting the tailor tacks out...maybe I'm not doing that the right way.

    1. That happens when you sew over them sometimes.