Monday, November 7, 2011

Why do I like this show?

As I go about my day, this show is running in the background. Can you say: marathon?
I see the places these people are looking, yikes! These towns look great on a postcard pic, but people sure live differently then us US-er's .

Lots of stone work and ''squatty potties". This is a trullo style home. Never even heard of it.
Homes that we (north america) would consider hovels, are middle class vacation homes.........holy moly. 
I had no idea that a house on stilts in Belize with 720 square feet was a really nice place.
Don't get me wrong, I've seen some people with $450,000.00 budgets buying dream vaca homes, but these episodes seem to be regular people trying to keep it $150,000.00 or less.
I'll be happy when my little vaca home gets built and it won't be much better than what I'm looking at on tv. LOL  Think quaint little cabin with a sleeping loft on a 20 x 20ft foot print.

Here are some options we have swimming around in our head:

Maybe even a bunch of little cottages built over time??????
Are we insane? Practical? On the mark?
Only time and budget will tell....


  1. Those tiny homes are cute. We looked into one of those for my mom a few years back. They are really pretty darn cute :)

  2. I agree with Karen. A tiny vacation home could be good. A big vacation home means more cleaning and less vacationing!