Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finished Files-Fleece Blankies

They are all done. All seven of them. I spent most of my ''free'' time today sewing them up.
The red polka dot is for me....a little pressie for all my hard work. Actually, it is replacing one that the cats have totally taken over and got sticker thingies all in.....I hate when that happens! ;-)

 All 7 in a nice pile.

A close up of the corners mitered made with this easy tutorial I posted the other day.

Kitty's new spot. The heater vent is just far enough away to make it cozy and not too toasty.
It feels awesome to have 6 giftees finished!! Woooo and hoooooo!
I hope I can keep this momentum up for the remainder of the holiday season!


  1. I'm glad you had a chance to make something for yourself! I had forgotten about that cool desk "re-do" that you did. Still one of my favs :)