Monday, October 27, 2014

A little bit of this and a whole lotta that

Hello blogland....

I am still here just gotta lotta action in the real world and not much in the digital world. That needs to change....time to up my blog quota

warning.....lotsa pics......

Started the new floor redo and the kitchen redo process
2 layers of brady bunch linoleum

sub floor stapled every few inches....hubs was explicative heavy..
oh yes he was

Hubs hard at work

The staging area

my current flooring while my new floors are just sitting at the docks.....
darn strike

livingroom...not yellow anymore


Old green, new gray

Current kitchen

possible new stove

the look I'm going for...ish

my sink...36" of ss farmland heaven
Hahn™ Chef Series Handmade Extra Large Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink

Epic fail....the hubs went rogue on me.
It will change...oh yes it will!
A little quiltie fun in Livermore 

Possible new fabric storage solution

A short vaca in the middle of all this....

View one

view two 

Had to....wish it was worth it  *sigh* 

Had worth it

shasta had some snow 

the truck crossed a milestone
300,000 miles

got stung by a wasp

made gluten free bread...not bad 

best mileage yet


Today, I am making prince phillip and princess aurora costumes for my son and my grand daughter.
and blog a little and play a little.  And picking out a new yellow that doesn't look like a canary swimming in a jar of mustard....oy

Well, those are the highlights. What's happening at your end?

Time to get myself into gear....the 31st is just a few days away and I got a lot to do.