Monday, September 18, 2017

A whole Lotta Stichin' Goin' On...and vacation!!!

My week 37 Hoop view. And some little doodads I added to represent vaca time.

Slowly, but surely, winding bobbins

Made a little art piece for the Summer of Love Challenge
Using a 1967 vibe, you were to put what's important to you now in your art. Mine is pretty self explanatory.
The view from the venue....the Bay Bridge.

Gram gram time and a tea party. 
Look at those pinkies.....

 The dot was alone in the house while we were gone. 
Apparently something dripped all over the oven and when we got back and tried to cook something....let's just say the smoke alarms are in good working order.

Our vaca started out in 114ยบ heat and the a/c gave up the ghost about 3 hours into the drive. While I perused the Olive Pit, the hubs 
recharged the freon. Once again, we could drive in cool, refreshing, comfort.
The stud of the day award goes to.....the hubs!!

A gondola ride in the temperate rain forest

Spotted two elusive creatures

Typical tourist shots

Toured the Boeing Factory

Drove onto a ferry...very exciting

Saw the inspiration for a ST:TNG episode. Seriously, right?

 Why, because who can refuse a picture board cut out?

A family friend's house was our home base for vaca.
Yep, just 20 feet from the sound. Saw dolphins and everything.

Last but not least, had to pull over when we saw this on our 
coastal drive home. Paul and Babe.

Next post may very well be all about my 2018 planner. can you say Hedgehogs???