Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pen Fetish

Yep, it's kind of a sickness. The hubs would probably like me to hunt down a 12 step program for my addiction.

A new batch just showed up yesterday and today. I haven't opened the bottled ink yet, let's hope that doesn't get out of hand too. LOL Poppy, Sunset and Peacock...they are going to be soooooo pretty.

My fountain pens
The only really new one is the Lamy Safari in the limited edition of dark lilac.
I have several of the Pilot Penmanship, all filled with different colors.

The brand spankin' new gel pens

I gave one away to another aficionado before I got a picture, but a writing sample is on the left. (Hi-Tec-C .3 in green)

One of my goals for 2016 was to improve my penmanship. Is it legible? Yes. I write clearly but not as consistently as I would like. My "s" are three different shapes, two kind of "z", my slant is allllll over the place. I practiced a lot earlier this year, but I let it slip as the weather got better.

I have been on the hunt for pen nirvana, these are fun and the signo .28 and the hi-tec-c .4 are dang close. I wouldn't mind trying an italic nib for the fountain pens; I do like to write a little smaller than a wide nib would allow, but I do think writing like a monk could be fun. LOL

Got this for my birthday......really haven't cracked it open yet. The thought of specific practice exercises is not thrilling me, but I do know it's the only way to really get better.

Still sewing, or at least trying to fit it into my schedule. My sewing room has been a kitty hospital for a month now so I pulled out a machine and plopped  it on the dining room table. I have two projects that really need my attention.

The Grand has been over a lot lately and I loves me some gram gram time. Wouldn't mind a second grand showing up. Yep, that could be tiring, but fun.

Up next, finish losing the holiday weight, a few summer dresses for me and a skirt or two for the MIL, and, sssshhhhhhh, don't tell the hubs, trying some high end paper. I hear claire fountaine and rhodia are really great for fountain pens.

I bought all my pens and inks at these two sites. I did try to find them locally first, but there just aren't any good stationary stores close to me. 

What's got your wallet???