Saturday, August 27, 2016

Catching up

Oy, I had this all written, decided to add one more little thing then poof! it was gone.
Let's try this again. 

I am taking a break from life and blogging about it. This is such a fun way to remember some of the lighter moments in life. You used to be able to have yearly books printed of your blog......I wonder if you still can???

Finished a table runner for a friend that moved. A whole bunch of us signed it.
It's quilty and modern. I want one for my table.
I may go opposite with the light in the middle and the dark on the ends. 
This one is 90", I need one that is 107".

A rather large Katydid scared the *bleep* outta me when I walked out on the porch to see what was so loud. Yes, I let nature alone.

Mr. Messy has never met an open book that wasn't nap worthy.
He managed to get comfy after I got up for a drink....30 seconds max.

Even though my kiddos are all grown up, my "new year" still begins in September. 
Takes a lot of pressure off January..seriously.

Went to a family reunion with my sister in the OC. 
Man, we got old. hahaha
This is my Aunt Pat.

I was recently in a kitchen that wasn't mine, got to use this puppy. Buttah. Saving my pennies since it's way more than I have ever paid for a knife.  
Even with a discount, it's over $100.00 bucks. It is heavenly, just sayin'.

 Gratuitous granddot shots

Earned a new fitbit and ya!

Decided it was time to lose the ziplock bag
Funnest pencil pouches ever!

Yes, Saw the new Star Trek.
Yes, it was awesome once you got past the first 20 minutes of the JJ Abrams special effects hoopla.
Good chatter, good interaction, made you love the characters all over again.
A little bittersweet...RIP Anton Yelchin

It's that time of year again....             Tattuesdays
I have no tatts.
I want no tatts.
But I love this show...l o v e
I miss 'Best Ink' too. It had chick judges.

Lots of sewing and embroidery planned. I need to learn to put art time on my schedule, not just try to fit it in. I cannot live by chores alone, just sayin'.

How do you fit in your art time??