Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Are they filming a Hitchcock remake in my front yard?

Seriously, what is going on?  There are birds.....everywhere.....must be 50 or more.....flitting all over the place. I should've videoed them, but I took pics instead.  It only lasted 15 or 20 minutes, but it was wild and frenzied and I was mesmerized.
Here are a few of the less blurry shots:

wow, my neighbor needs a paint job. lol and yes, it's raining. :-)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A whole chicken + flavorings + crockpot = yummmmmmmm

Since I am now a work out of the house mom (at least through tax season), I am gone during the dinner mayhem. I still have to get dinner on the table and only one of my kidlettes is helping. The other seems to be gone all. thee. time. So, the crock-pot is becoming my bestest kitchen buddy ever. Last night it was spaghetti sauce, tonight: lemon garlic chicken

There are lots of recipes out there, but this is how I do it....and I've got pictures!! Woo and hoo

Get yourself a whole chicken and make it all clean and pretty. When I was a kid, Grandma Stidham would just say, "Go get me one out back." I find the market so much easier, just sayin...

 Gather your ingredients.
In the case of lemon garlic chicken you need, well, lots of lemon and garlic. 
I also add onions, carrots, salt, pepper and dried and fresh herbs. Herbs de province this go 'round.

Fill the insides with a little bit of all your seasonings

Go ahead, fill 'er up, just not packed real tight.

Now it's time to get all up in your chicken's ''bidness''. Upside and downside.
Salt, pepper, herbs, lemons and butter

To keep this from being a stew, elevate your bird with a few yummy veggies or a rack
No water necessary.

Cover the top with the rest of your fixins 
Oh, I did put the bird in breast side down. Personal preference, don't think it really matters.

Put a lid on it and forget it.
 I put this on about 11am, so I am cooking it on high.
If you put it on ealier, use low.
The best kind of crock-pot is one where you can have it start out on high, and then it goes to low. That way you food comes up to temp quickly, and then simmers ever so slowly. 
If I were home, I would turn the drippings into a nice sauce with a little wondra flour or a roux.

It won't look like a rotisserie chicken, all crispy and such, but it will taste scrumdilly-icious. 

Tonight, it will be served with some forbidden black rice and a salad. Use some of the juice to cook your rice.....el yummo!! 
 If I was home, gravy and mashed potatoes. Or steamed red potatoes with butter and herbs. 

Now that you have the basics, make it your own. 
To have it taste all tiki masala-y use ginger, garam masala spice, cilantro and diced tomatoes
A little tex mex, add a jar of your favorite salsa
Italian, diced tomatoes, italian spices, garlic, mushrooms

You get the idea, use what you have in your cupboards. Flavors you already know you and your family like. And yes, you can use a cut up chicken, but it's a little more braised....chicken thighs hold up the best for long cooking times. Try it, you'll like it...honest.


I've got the buttons!

And they are huge-mongous and awesome!!

I actually thought they were going to be more quarter sized even though the measurements were quite clearly listed. LOL
Okay people, they also have some red ones and some orange ones and I want a package of each, if you see them somewhere.... LET....ME....KNOW.....pretty please with crafty goodness on top. I have a project in mind for them. They are also in brown. 

My plans for a few of these babies: total cuteness, I know.

Friday, February 24, 2012

M i n - n i e M o u s eeeeeeeee

Finally, I got to do some sewing!! I made a cute little fleece blankie and a matching pillow. 
The baby shower is tomorrow. Cuttin' it close, I know!!

Ta daaaaaa
At least that's what it looks like Minne is saying to me.

34" by 34"

Yes, I used my non-patented corner technique(hahaha) to reduce bulky corners and thread tails.

Hope the little mother likes it!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Button, button, who's got the button?

I finally managed to get a hold of a few of these. I still want some orange and red and I can live without the brown, blue, enh. They are big too........ 1 3/8" big!!!
I will be saving a couple for my very own button box and using the rest on some little easter giftees and maybe some baby girlie goodness in the not so distant future. 
Don'tcha just hate it when you discover something awesome only to find out it's been in circulation awhile and it just isn't being made anymore? I know I sure do!

Happy hunting!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Hubs!

Shhhhh, don't tell him I did this, he hates having his picture anywhere
Happy not 50 for the hubs!! 
That's right, he married a cougar before it was cool!! :-)

The whole gang
from l to r
me, the hubs, son o mine, the fiance and the dot in the front

Monday, February 20, 2012

I survived!

Yessireebob I survived my first whole week of work.
My feet were not thrilled. LOL

On a truly happy note, I needed to update my wardrobe from all jeans, all the time to some office casual. GUESS WHAT? I bought three pair of pants (one pair of RL chaps brand) and I was....... get ready......a whole size smaller! I was stoked!

Maybe being on my feet 20 hours a week for awhile will boost my metabolism and I can keep dropping some tonnage?!

Hopefully my next post will include some crafty goodness since I have two baby showers in the next two weeks!

Have a fabulous week!

This is also my first blog post on an ipad. I have to compose in html mode, guess I better. Rush up on my code skills, eh?

Friday, February 17, 2012

she works hard for the money.....(duh dunt, duh dunt)

Got my first paycheck last night. 
Looks like there is a Carl's Jr. dinner special for two in my future. LOL
It's only for 10 hours and it's 1.50 more per hour than I thought I was getting...I can now up my fabric budget...just sayin!!

okay...I'm bad!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun mail!

Big giant thanks to Karen and Amy!!

Amy sent me this lovely b-day postcard (while in Texas for work). 
It's great to be remembered....just like the Alamo!.   :-)

Karen made some mugrug love.....and I am not the only one to get one either...she was a secretly busy little seamstress. Is it not sew kewl?!

I also got a jacket, that I may return. It's wonderful, but big...I'll have Denise look at me in it before I decide. I should've ordered it a day earlier before they ran out of the size I should've gotten. Live and learn......

Finished files...finally!

I've been quite busy at home and add a part time job on top of that and my sewing time has been cut....a lot. LOL Some of it me, some of it life.....I admit it, I can be a lazy daisy sometimes.
Today I finally managed my time well and finished up some things I started this past weekend.
A (now late) birthday gift for my friend Karen and a little bag for me.

My little flag bag. This will go in my purse to keep things tidy and to hold stuff you just don't want people to see when you open your purse. Just sayin...

It also uses apple green, which was a craft challenge last week. Gotta love a two-fer!

 Karen's table runner. 90" of ticking heaven. Okay, I think it's heaven, I hope she does too!
I made a very special effort to keep the stripes from going all wonky. 
Yes, it made me cross-eyed to look at it for too long. lol

Since this fabric is a woven stripe and not printed, 
I used the selvedge edge to, well, edge it.
I am soooooo doing this treatment again!!
It's shabby, it's chic and I am predicting it's the next big thing in sewing. 
(insert me with cheesy grin here)

Now, two baby quilts and some baby shower favors are next on my list!!

Time for work.....later gators!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

It's a fun little hallmark holiday, ain't it?

From the dot
Yes, she made them all be her little lonesome. 
Yes, they do taste yummy!

Gerber fave
Got these and an oh soooo appropriate card from the hubs.

Hope you day was special too!

Monday, February 13, 2012

AFTER A 20 YEAR.........


[hahy-ey-tuhs] noun, plural -tus·es, -tus.

1.a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

Hi ho hi ho, it's off to work I go.

I've been home with my kids for a long time and now that college for two looms in my very near future and a grandkid is on the way, a little extra cha-ching will come in handy. 
My fabric addiction isn't cheap either. lol
It's just some clerical work for the tax season, but that is one semester for one child and 56 fat quarters for me. :-)
It'll be nice to update the ol' resume too.
Ready, set, punch in!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Steampunk Valentine's Blog Hop

My friend Lisa told me I HAD to take a look at LRs Very Steampunk Valentine Blog Hop because she knew I loved costuming and steampunk. She's right, I do loves me some steampunk.
I tend to follow patterns instead of creating my own design, but I decided to stretch myself.
I am glad I did!!

I am trying to learn embroidery at the moment so this is what I came up with. 

Victoriana Silhouette 

It looks a lot bigger than it is. It's a 4" hoop. I used a zipper to simulate the gear and brass look and hand stitched all the gears and the felt silhouettes.

For a look at what everyone else did and a chance at some fun goodies, check out the links below!! 
Don't forget to leave a comment.....we all love hearing from you!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Handcrafted Goodness and more!

As many of you know, I loves me some gifts from the heart and hand(I bet you do too). 
Especially if the hands that are making them are very skilled!!

More birthday highlights:

From my dear friend Karen. I already have a spot on it....bad me! But I love it so I intend to love it to death...well, until it's threadbare anyway. :-)

 A real live hand embroidered hanky. Probably vintage. See that big 'R'? 
The fabric is so delicate, I have no idea how it held up through many a cold season.

My dear friend and fellow road warrior, Denise made these little beauties...also, already in use!!

Mug rug. 
I discovered these last year and now I can't imagine not having one (or 6)

And this sewing caddy, cushion, thread-catcher. She says it needs to be a bit heavier since she used some study fabrics.......maybe a little, but so far, it's staying in place.

And now for the "and more" portion

The mailman was very kind to me today. Some giftees to myself arrived. 
I shouldn't have done it, but I have a fabric addiction. 
I'd ask about a 12 step program, but I just don't want to get better, ya know!

The latest label crew project kit. It makes the cutest little button closure pouches. 
Heck, I want a shirt with those buttons!!!

35 zippers. 
I know, I know, it seems like a lot, but at .53 cents each...
how could I not be prepared for any sewing project? 

Okay, the part where I really, really shouldn't have.
A fat quarter bundle of Hometown by Sweetwater.(drool, drool)
And a halfie bundle of Tuxedo by Riley Blake
Aaannnnnddddd enough canvas to cover my desk chair.....Hometown dots....
It would make really cute grocery bags too. Or zippered pouches or an apron......
Dang it, maybe I should've ordered more.....gotta go!

Birthday fun!!

It was loud and crowded and filled with laughter and food and friends and family. Just like a celebration ought to be! My brother was the camera man and he took many many unflattering pictures.
Turning 50 wasn't bad at all!!
Some highlights: ipad, marshmallow gun, Star Trek Scrabble, Star Trek Cake and everyone's personal favorite....the butter incident. 
Ya see, my little starship wasn't staying perched so the hubs put butter on it to help it glue itself to the decor. WWeeeellllllllll, when I noticed my little ship listing after blowing out my candles, I picked it up to lick off what I assumed was frosting. O -M -G!! Grody to the max! MAX!
Enjoy the slideshow!!

Thank for all the birthday wishes!!!!
Awe some sauce...just sayin.... 

Saturday, February 4, 2012


It's a milestone birthday. I'm celebrating the 25th Anniversary of my 25th birthday!!

Here I was.....

597 months ago!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Steampunk progress

I've got my gears all done. Now to the foreground.....

My drawing and stitching skills need more practice, but it's not too bad.

6 More Weeks of winter