Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun mail!

Big giant thanks to Karen and Amy!!

Amy sent me this lovely b-day postcard (while in Texas for work). 
It's great to be remembered....just like the Alamo!.   :-)

Karen made some mugrug love.....and I am not the only one to get one either...she was a secretly busy little seamstress. Is it not sew kewl?!

I also got a jacket, that I may return. It's wonderful, but big...I'll have Denise look at me in it before I decide. I should've ordered it a day earlier before they ran out of the size I should've gotten. Live and learn......


  1. So glad you like it :) I just figured that you "Sew in love" when you sew something. The fabric reminded me of all my sewing friends :)

  2. That little mug rug gets around--well, my virtual neighborhood anyway! I saw it on Karen's blog and didn't realized that I had the "giftee" on my rss list as well. The fabric choice is perfect for a gift from some sewer to another.

  3. I saw the mug rug over a Karen's too. It looks like you got some wonderful gifties! You deserve to be spoiled!