Monday, February 6, 2012

Handcrafted Goodness and more!

As many of you know, I loves me some gifts from the heart and hand(I bet you do too). 
Especially if the hands that are making them are very skilled!!

More birthday highlights:

From my dear friend Karen. I already have a spot on it....bad me! But I love it so I intend to love it to death...well, until it's threadbare anyway. :-)

 A real live hand embroidered hanky. Probably vintage. See that big 'R'? 
The fabric is so delicate, I have no idea how it held up through many a cold season.

My dear friend and fellow road warrior, Denise made these little beauties...also, already in use!!

Mug rug. 
I discovered these last year and now I can't imagine not having one (or 6)

And this sewing caddy, cushion, thread-catcher. She says it needs to be a bit heavier since she used some study fabrics.......maybe a little, but so far, it's staying in place.

And now for the "and more" portion

The mailman was very kind to me today. Some giftees to myself arrived. 
I shouldn't have done it, but I have a fabric addiction. 
I'd ask about a 12 step program, but I just don't want to get better, ya know!

The latest label crew project kit. It makes the cutest little button closure pouches. 
Heck, I want a shirt with those buttons!!!

35 zippers. 
I know, I know, it seems like a lot, but at .53 cents each...
how could I not be prepared for any sewing project? 

Okay, the part where I really, really shouldn't have.
A fat quarter bundle of Hometown by Sweetwater.(drool, drool)
And a halfie bundle of Tuxedo by Riley Blake
Aaannnnnddddd enough canvas to cover my desk chair.....Hometown dots....
It would make really cute grocery bags too. Or zippered pouches or an apron......
Dang it, maybe I should've ordered more.....gotta go!


  1. You look adorable in your apron! And yes, the hanky is vintage. Can you believe that even those roll hems are all done by hand? Boggles the mind. Anyhoo....LOVE your gifties from Denise! Awe-some-sauce times infinity!!! I'll pray for your fabric addiction....must be very difficult. :) Happy Birthday some more!!!!

  2. LOVE the apron fabric :)
    and i did the VERY same thing for my birthday, LOL! a whole FQ stack of Cosmo Cricket's Circa 1934, some Hometown yardage + a layer cake and some defective (but replaced) Uggs ... 'cause i DESERVE it!! and so do YOU :)