Saturday, April 30, 2011

Now it's really spring

I have an extreme allergy headache today. I don't get them hardly ever, but today spring bit back. A few posts ago, I told spring to bite me. I'll be danged is she didn't take me literally. LOL
The very cool, slow march into warm weather has kept spring going and going and going.............
I feel her wrath. LOL

Pollen covered car....explains a lot.

Lady bug invasion...yeah!!

 This rose bush now makes two colors of roses!! WTHeck

Did I mention that roses make me sneeze?

Did I mention that they are right by my front door?

Did I mention they are everywhere?

Plum tree....looks like a good crop this year!

Bobo has no allergy issues and loves laying in the warm dirt. 
Dear Spring, I promise not to say bite me anymore!!

hahaha you can see my reflection is a couple of shots...too funny!


Happy Day Before May Day Tutorial

I saw this cute tutorial and thought I'd share. There's still time to make one or two and surprise your neighbors in the morning!

Happy May Day!


Friday, April 29, 2011

Congrats Will and Kate!!

I can't wait to turn on the DVR, fast forward through all the boring parts, laugh at the hats, ooo and ahh over the beautiful people, giggle at the unfortunate looks (see hats) and enjoy a little bit of the royal festivities!! Who's with me??

Congrats to the:
Duke and Duchess on Cambridge;
Earl and Countess of  Strathearn;
Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus;
Future King and Queen of All of England

May you be as royally happy as queen Elizabeth II and Phillip and Queen Victoria and Albert!

Us in our hats as we watch:

Monday, April 25, 2011


I was only going to blog once today,  but that all changed at 3:35pm pdt.

I heard the mailman. I was expecting a package from my friend Karen. She is the thrift shopping queen of LA and my daughter wanted some overalls. WWWWEEEEELLLLLLLLLL, I got more than overalls in the package....yessireebob indeediedoooooo!

She had a giveawy going for some trek peeps. Super fabulous trek peeps. They've been featured on my blog several times. Ah, what the more time:

Yep, still cute as ever. I wanted them. I wanted them in a bad, jonzin', junkie-needa-fix kinda way. I was ooohhhhh so subtle. Okay, so I wasn't so subtle about it! Alas, I did not get picked by the random number generator. I was crushed, heart broken, a tad miffed at the fates.

She couldn't stand my weenie whinin', the pathetic way I tried to schmooze my way into a set of peeps all my own; I was relentless.

Today, today, to---ddaaayyyyyyyyy, my very own set of trek peeps appeared.
She already had them made!!!!
There were people who knew they were coming, but did they put me outta my misery?  NOooooooo
She took pity on me before I got too totally pathetic (and I was, trust me)
But not just any trek peeps...............nooooooooooooooooo....................................

I got Lt. Uhura, Captain Kirk and Evil Spock

I know they look ginormous, but they are almost real peeps sized.  
See the boobage?? The Van Dyke? The commanding way Kirk stares right at you?

I can almost be really, genuinely, happy for the person who won the originals. Ah heck, I'm happy-ish for her! ;-)

Karen, you are the bestest!!!!!

She also tucked in a piece of this sunflower fabric that is to die for!!!!

Gosh, I might even let her hug me!!!! 
Maybe even a peck on the cheek?

This is big 'peeple'

Excuse me while I go and oooo and aaahhh over my peeps!



I packaged my peeps!! LOL

Spring Fling Apron swap

Well, I didn't go with a single fabric or pattern that I had picked out. LOL

None of what I had spoke to me, but I saw this fabric and went....yep!! This is the one!!

I call it frankenapron because it's a mishmash of elements from several different aprons. I kinda like it!!!

Now, to make this pattern into one that fits boobalicious people that are curvy  round and tallish. :-) (yeah, I mean me  hahaha)

Front and back views of the mugrug that is going with the apron to a far off land. :-)

Got to gather a few more 'tuck ins" and then off to the post office I go!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

 Have a blessed and love filled Easter.

Have a Trek filled Easter too!!!

Song lyrics by Warp 11
Beam me up to Heaven

Jesus died - - for our sins, He bled
Three days later, He rose from the dead.
And Kirk died saving the Enterprise B, but he rose for the second half of the mo-oo-ovie
Beam me up to heaven, I won't compromise. Jesus has a lock on me....energizeeeeeee


(fyi--the trek peeps, I didn't win them. sniff, sniff)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Yes, you can make home-made biscuits!!

Biscuits. It sounds easy. It is easy. But I must warn you; it took me a long time to get them to be fluffy and perfect. There is no trick, it's just a finesse thing.
My only real advice: keep practicing!! LOL

Gather you supplies:
milk- 1 3/4 cups
self-rising flour-3 cups plus more for your board and kneading
baking powder
oil or bacon dripping or melted butter
iron skillet (or other suitable pan)
rubber spatula
biscuit cutter or glass that is the right size

Turn your oven on hot; 400-410ºf

Lightly grease or oil your cooking pan

Take your favorite mixing bowl (mine is a texasware medium sized bowl)

Start adding your dry ingredients

3 cups self-rising flour

1 teaspoon of sugar

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Couple of shakes of salt

As you can see, I am not too exact on anything but the flour and milk. lol
Give it a stir or two to mix your dry ingredients.

Add the milk. This is a very wet dough...don't worry, k?

Fold in the milk until almost all the flour is all wet and oatmeal looking

This one is too dry, Add a few tablespoons of milk to it

Just right.................

Turn out onto a floured work surface
You will need to use a lot of flour for dusting, but keep the dough very, very wet, but not so soft it won't hold it's shape.

Fold and pat a couple of times. It will still feel really wet, this is a good thing. Do not over work the dough, just fold and pat, fold and pat.

Pat it down to half as thick as you want your final biscuit to be. I usually make mine about an inch.
Cut into biscuit shapes. the dough will still be a little sticky and wet.....again...a good thing.

Place biscuits in your lightly greased/oiled pan

Lightly coat with bacon drippings (or oil or melted butter)

Let them rest for 5 or ten minutes....up to an hour if you use double acting baking powder.

Place in preheated oven for 15-30 minutes. The timing depends on the thickness of your dough, the type of oven you have, and the size of your rounds. I usually cook mine about 25 minutes in a regular ol' oven.

Pull 'em out when they are golden brown(sorry, flash washed out the color a little)


I had mine this way:

Remember, practice, practice, practice. Now, if I could only get my pie crust to work every time!! It's another one of those deceptively simple recipes that requires what I call, ''the magic touch''. LOL

Happy cooking and eating!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


 Still hoping to win these babies!!!!!! 
(or maybe someone can put some in her etsy shop for purchase....just sayin...)