Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Updates

Maybe Tuesday Updates can be something regular, who knows?

I can't really get ''good'' pics of everything, but here is a little of what is going on.

 I wake up to a hungry cat. Yes, he drags his bowl around and sits in it until someone feeds him. 
You just never know how far it will be from his eating area.

I am stalker mom, hear me roar!!!! 
My daughter and her first ''real'' boyfriend. 
If I went around the fence, she would've seen me, I was in stealth mode. LOL

Tuck in for my Flirty Apron Swap. I can't show the other side, it will sooooo give it away!! LOL

The dress form all padded out for the bride

Sparkly organza for the top layer of the long skirt

The structural part of the dress with final tweaking all marked 

The back of the structure

Close up of main fabric. Ivory satin with glitter

12 yards of organza for the skirt

The slip portion of the skirt

The skirt for the ''party'' portion of the mullet dress in the pretty fabric.

I just love that word.......orrrrgaaaaaaaan-zah
Fun word, fussy fabric.

Time to make some progress, final, final fitting for hemming is this Friday and delivery a few days later!
I will post pics of the bride after the wedding!! Sorry, you'll have to wait until May Day!!


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  1. I wouldn't even know where to get started on that wedding dress! I'll stick to adventure belts. And as for that kitty....he looks evil...I would feed him immediately!!!!