Monday, May 26, 2014

She Who Sews Challenge

Finally, project done. This month got away from me and how! Three trips to the emergency room with the mil and lots of people coming and going....I had no idea when I signed up that life would totally get in the way of my fun! 

I made a little simple something that is practical....especially since the eco-nazi bag police have invaded out little county.

Since one of my challenge fabric was the pink paper dolls, I used them them as inspiration and pieced my handles.

Go and take a peak and some of the other challengers!!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On the Sewing Horizon.............

I shouldn't have.....nope. I need another period pattern like another hole in my head but it is just soooo scrummy! has some awesome patterns. I have made a few and Joann, the owner, is fab is you have any questions.

Her latest patterns................................. yummmmmmmmm

I actually have a regency dress and corset. They fit well and I am happy to say that the corset will soon be too big (yay me) and I have made this particular corset with a group of ladies as we pattern tested it....easy peasy...even if I did put the straps on the wrong

I can't wait...well, I guess I can wait since I have another one of her patterns and the fabric is all washed and pressed and ready to go...all 8 yards of it!

I just finished the corset and the undies for the above dress. It's a sickness, I know. LOL  I do not wish to be cured.

I also plan to make myself a dress for this summer and a linen shirt.....crinkly,wrinkly linen...ahhhhhhhh

What is your current sewing obsession?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Steppin Up

With a little peer pressure and a lot of need/want,  and I am getting on the wellness bandwagon. I wouldn't call it fitness because my end goal is just being a more aware and healthy me, which may not be "fit" (skinny and ab defined) in most social ideas. I'm okay with that. 

Slim is not something I ever want to be...Hot? well, yeah but at my age, that term mostly refers to personal heatwaves. lol

I treated myself to a little motivator:

I did a bit of research and looked at my old, large, square pedometer and decided on the burgundy colored Fitbit One®.  It has a flower that grows when you're active.....scientific choice, I know, but that is what sold me. LOL Also the size....smaller than a chapstick and about as thick as three keys. Even in it's case, it fits in a bra or waistband almost unnoticed and unfelt. It weighs nothing...a few grams.

It syncs with my phone and my computer and I can set it to remind me to get my behind a movin'. 

Screen best step day!

I have a March 30, 2014 start day and I have been pretty darn good so far.

What little tools do you have to keep you motivated? Not just fitness, but with anything in your life....sewing; crafting, long or short term projects, dinner....

Or are you just naturally self motivated and once you make up your mind, that's it, end of story?

I am a little of both, well, I do like my gadgets and a deadline doesn't hurt neither...what can I say.

Off to add steps to my day......

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