Monday, May 26, 2014

She Who Sews Challenge

Finally, project done. This month got away from me and how! Three trips to the emergency room with the mil and lots of people coming and going....I had no idea when I signed up that life would totally get in the way of my fun! 

I made a little simple something that is practical....especially since the eco-nazi bag police have invaded out little county.

Since one of my challenge fabric was the pink paper dolls, I used them them as inspiration and pieced my handles.

Go and take a peak and some of the other challengers!!



  1. Very nice, love what you did Regina.

  2. Super cute! You should use this one when you go to Joann's or other quilt stores. Not the grocery store!

  3. Love the bag! I like the the fabrics that you used. You should so use this when shopping for fabric;) I can hear them all talking at the cutting table now.