Thursday, May 1, 2014

Steppin Up

With a little peer pressure and a lot of need/want,  and I am getting on the wellness bandwagon. I wouldn't call it fitness because my end goal is just being a more aware and healthy me, which may not be "fit" (skinny and ab defined) in most social ideas. I'm okay with that. 

Slim is not something I ever want to be...Hot? well, yeah but at my age, that term mostly refers to personal heatwaves. lol

I treated myself to a little motivator:

I did a bit of research and looked at my old, large, square pedometer and decided on the burgundy colored Fitbit One®.  It has a flower that grows when you're active.....scientific choice, I know, but that is what sold me. LOL Also the size....smaller than a chapstick and about as thick as three keys. Even in it's case, it fits in a bra or waistband almost unnoticed and unfelt. It weighs nothing...a few grams.

It syncs with my phone and my computer and I can set it to remind me to get my behind a movin'. 

Screen best step day!

I have a March 30, 2014 start day and I have been pretty darn good so far.

What little tools do you have to keep you motivated? Not just fitness, but with anything in your life....sewing; crafting, long or short term projects, dinner....

Or are you just naturally self motivated and once you make up your mind, that's it, end of story?

I am a little of both, well, I do like my gadgets and a deadline doesn't hurt neither...what can I say.

Off to add steps to my day......

For a more in-depth review...check out this blog post...

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  1. Congratulations on your FitBit fitness progress. My daughter bought me a FitBit One for Mother's Day last year and I absolutely love it. Yes, I get excited to see how may leaves are on my flower. Creative Fitness Bliss...