Monday, September 23, 2013

NOW it's officially Fall

Thanks to my friend Pearl, it really is fall..............

Is this cute or what?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm Glowing.................................

I need to repair the hubs work vest with
Neon Orange Thread

without the flash


My eyes! My eyes!!!

It really does glow! 
Perfect project for a gray and raining day.....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Changing of the Guard

Well, I didn't wanna do it but I had to.My sewing needs changed and I knew it was time for my machine to change too.

The old guard
My Pfaff 7550 has been quite the workhorse for the past 19 years.
And you don't EVEN want to know how many specialty feet I collected over those 19

She still has a lot of life left in her too,  but I needed a little more....more..... "je ne sais quoi". 
She just wasn't right for how I sew now. *sighhhhhh*
What could I get that was as good as my Pfaff at a price that didn't kill the hubs? 
"Previously loved" was probably what my budget could handle for the features and brand I wanted and I wanted a lot..te he
Sooooooooo I grabbed my trusty Trek project bag and filled it with things I sew and off to the sewing machine store I went.

As you can see, I took fleece and a couple of different quilt squares and some canvas 

                      Do you see this? 13......that's right....thirteen layers of canvas

I tried a Pfaff 4.0, it made a "I'm challenged" sound when trying to jump that big ol' canvas hump. Tried a Janome, same sad sound. I even tried a couple of new Berninas...the 540 and the 6=something.....same sad sound. The 600/700 series....scary amounts of features...scary price tags....too automatic....ffrreeaaakky

Well, I went back to the very first machine I had them pull off the shelf....A Bernina Aurora 400QE. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I know she's a couple of years old already, barely a toddler in the life of a high end machine. She didn't make the noise.....she took all 13 layers without any trouble at all; from 2 layers to 13...poof! It was magic! 

                                                         It was l-o-v-e! 

She also comes with a walking foot, knee lift and the famous BSR..Bernina Stitch Regulator  
Better Free-motion I come!
The soft sided carry bag, lifter and extension table

Tomorrow is the big day.....sewing, sewing and more sewing...........
I can hardly wait to get acquainted with my new-to-me baby!!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Today is the start of of the Pin-It! Blog Hop........those who have a love of pincushions are sharing our creations. Some simple (like mine) and I am sure there will be over achievers galore! I can't wait to go and look!

Thanks to Mdm Samm and our cheerleader Kristen @ Meadowbrook for hosting such a fun hop!

I am been overloaded with activity so my contribution is simple, multiple, quick & easy and I really like them!

I started with some tea light holders that got ruined while I removed the price tags....who knew the color was painted on and not in the glass? Really? 
You burn things in them..hheeellooooooooo

I picked some cute fabrics and made little balls of fiberfill and glued away.....regular glue, not hot and this is what I got.................

I used linen and free-handed some embroidery.....a 1.5" circle is all I had to work with

The whole kit and kaboodle!

Go and visit all the other hoppers....I am sure you will be totally delighted with their creations!  I'm going now! that's me!

Happy Hopping!!