Monday, April 25, 2011


I was only going to blog once today,  but that all changed at 3:35pm pdt.

I heard the mailman. I was expecting a package from my friend Karen. She is the thrift shopping queen of LA and my daughter wanted some overalls. WWWWEEEEELLLLLLLLLL, I got more than overalls in the package....yessireebob indeediedoooooo!

She had a giveawy going for some trek peeps. Super fabulous trek peeps. They've been featured on my blog several times. Ah, what the more time:

Yep, still cute as ever. I wanted them. I wanted them in a bad, jonzin', junkie-needa-fix kinda way. I was ooohhhhh so subtle. Okay, so I wasn't so subtle about it! Alas, I did not get picked by the random number generator. I was crushed, heart broken, a tad miffed at the fates.

She couldn't stand my weenie whinin', the pathetic way I tried to schmooze my way into a set of peeps all my own; I was relentless.

Today, today, to---ddaaayyyyyyyyy, my very own set of trek peeps appeared.
She already had them made!!!!
There were people who knew they were coming, but did they put me outta my misery?  NOooooooo
She took pity on me before I got too totally pathetic (and I was, trust me)
But not just any trek peeps...............nooooooooooooooooo....................................

I got Lt. Uhura, Captain Kirk and Evil Spock

I know they look ginormous, but they are almost real peeps sized.  
See the boobage?? The Van Dyke? The commanding way Kirk stares right at you?

I can almost be really, genuinely, happy for the person who won the originals. Ah heck, I'm happy-ish for her! ;-)

Karen, you are the bestest!!!!!

She also tucked in a piece of this sunflower fabric that is to die for!!!!

Gosh, I might even let her hug me!!!! 
Maybe even a peck on the cheek?

This is big 'peeple'

Excuse me while I go and oooo and aaahhh over my peeps!



I packaged my peeps!! LOL


  1. You just might need couseling....just sayin :) So glad you love them. They have been patiently waiting for the giveaway to be over so that I could mail them to you!

  2. Actually....I am the Thrifting Queen of Orange County. LA is a whole other animal :)

  3. Came over from Karen's blog :) And I am drooling over the sunflower fabric! Enjoy your new Trek peeps!

  4. you're in the OC????? wooo and hooo

  5. For a second the beard threw me off and I thought we were talking NextG Peeps but the uniform colors were wrong. :D
    Lucky you, those are awesome!

  6. Did you hear that Karen....Next Gen Peeps?
    altho, DS9 is my fave....iggy pop as a vorta!!!!