Monday, November 21, 2011

Coming this Wednesday.................

Project Tie One On Day!!!
Who's day will your brighten?! 
I am working on my aprons to give and one to give again!!!


Apron teaser:
 These are the fabrics I will be using...fab, right?

A little repeat from a previous post:

I firmly believe in giving back. Who knows, some day I may be in need.
Tie One On Day fits me to a 'T'. Feeding people and making aprons are two of my most favorite activities. I am doing it again this year and I want to encourage all of you out there in blogland to do the same.

The challenge Encouragement:
Make or purchase an apron; wrap it around a goodie; put a little note in the package; spread some love. Easy peasy. Ooooo, I'll even feature an apron tutorial....I know just the one! :-) 
Karen, Oh Karen.........

The prize: mmmmmmmmm...............
How about an apron made by yours truly? Yep, sounds like a plan!!

How to get said prize:
**Become a follower of The Distracted Domestic
**Deliver your apron o' love
**Post you giftee on the flickr group page
Post a picture of your little goodie package and a little blurb about your giftee. 

I'll give you a few days after Thanksgiving to get your pics up; it will be a shopping, eating and family kinda weekend, right?
Sooooooooo, The first Wednesday after Thanksgiving, I (or other family member) will draw a name from a little bag. (11/30/11) Heck, maybe even two. How about one prize for every 15 people that participate? Grand prize an apron. I'll make mug rugs and little bags and gift tags....oh and yeah, let's keep me super busy with sewing people!! Tell your friends!!

Let's see how many people we can bless this holiday apron at a time!!

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