Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Craft it Forward and a giveaway

Not too long ago, I jumped on the Craft it Forward band wagon. Lately, I have been thinking about each of the people who responded to my post. What little, crafty something could I make? Just as this thought was rummaging through my head, the friend who started it ( in my little circle) got her first craft it forward giftee. How exciting! I am pretty sure I put my name on the list of two people playing because I have a big o' long list of peeps to send to. LOL

The big question: what do I make? Each person on my list is completely different. Some quilt, some craft, some cook. Do I find one item that can make them all happy or do I individualize each item? I am sooooo very bad at these kinds of decisions. LOL Too many options running through my brain.

My friend got the cutest little mug rug......very specific to who she is. I have given serious thought to the mug rug because I think they are fabulous little mini quilts that can be used every day. I have one and I use it daily.

I want to make something cute AND useful AND specific to each person on my list. But what???

Let the ideas flow people!!!

Just to make this a little more interesting, the person that comes up with the idea I use..... will get one too!!
It has to be something:
  • they can use
  • can be personalized
  • not a custom corset...just a little something that says: hey, have a great day!
  • something that is quick to make
  • that can ship by first class mail (under 15oz) 

 Just so I don't cheat and say: "I thought of it first".....hear are my ideas so far:
  • pincushion
  • mug rug
  • apron
  • coasters
  • sock monkey
 Bring it on peoples!!!!!

Remember, if I choose your idea...even if  I only use it for one of my peeps, you get one too! 
(I will not be making potholders.....just sayin)



  1. Embroidered bookmark - simple and small, but you could customize it for each person.

  2. I think Anyone & Everyone who sews would enjoy a personalized Sewing Machine/Serger cover OR just as easily created...a Sewing apron(fits under your machine & has pockets for all your sewing tools & such:)
    *The sewing apron would be easier to create without having to use machine measurements! It could be personalized with embroidery or just by the fabric choices. Slips easily into a large envelope for shipping:)

  3. A portable sewing kit (saw a freebie pattern on Butterick) that one could take to watch the kiddos during baseball games, karate tournaments, soccer games, karate tournaments, (hint hint) to use for hand sewing or holding floss and cross stitch or embroidery. Could be used by a variety of crafters.

  4. recycled shopping bags - cut up clothes and sew it up into a shopping bag.. with stores considering charging for plastic bags - this would be great.. even 1 would be awesome for those trips when we hit a couple stores for a few items..

  5. How bout a cute zippered make-up bag? Who doesn't need one of those. I've even seen a tutorial of one made out of a square potholder....just sayin :)

  6. ummm, ratty would love a sock ratmonkey! but i can't even remember if i'm on your list or not, LOL! really..., who WOULDN'T love a sock monkey??!?
    what about scissor fobs? beaded, charms or otherwise... so you don't lose your scissors in class or you [i.e. your KIDS] know which pair is for fabric NOT paper?
    or keychains?
    or fabric lanyards?
    or pillowcases [for sleeping], pillow covers [for yer sofa]?
    eyeglasses case?
    and all the other ideas posted are good, too!
    now git, git, git to makin'!!

  7. My first thought was potholders. There are so many ways to personalize a potholder. Plus, most quilters do not make things for themselves so it would even work for a quilter on your list. I love the handmade potholders that I have been given. I think of the person that made them for me each time I use them.

  8. Ratty, you a full of ideas, aren'tcha? Also, you did not sign up on my list. ;-(
    That being said, I've started collecting the spy quilt fabrics pieces for you and are putting them in a large ziplock.

  9. How bout a mug apron. I know you have that pattern. It's cute and functional and fits into an envelope :) Kinda like a pot holder...but different.....

  10. How about some spring-ish, fun colored toss cushion covers. You could use up scrap fabrics, what-ever! Could fit in an envelope! Hey! You could even use 4 pot-holders(gasp!) and sew them together...just sayin'!

  11. How about a personalized needlebook? You could do different shapes, colors or designs on them.
    I'm also thinking that a quilted luggage tags would be great, practical and personalized.

  12. If I am not tooo late for an opinion---how about a seat cover?? I always keep old pillow shams in the car for a quick seat cover-- you could call it a tushy cushy :)

  13. It's not too late until I mail all my packages!!!