Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TV: the good ,the ridiculous and the yeah!

First the good: New series on syfy....Being Human
I am loving this show! last night's episode was awesome and unexpected in many ways. I didn't see some of that coming at all!! Seriously, Aidan is gonna have one, long emotionally painful eternity. Wow!! And Josh? Whoa nelly! Can't wait to see where that goes!!

 The ridiculous: I just saw a commercial. I am still in awe.The announcer guy says, " The most important movement you can make is the one you make before your colonoscopy. blah blah blah....." I still can't believe they had a commercial about taking ''load off'' before your colonoscopy!!!! It's worse then those enzite commercial with Bob and his plastic wife. LOL
It came on during a show I dvr'd, so here it is, in all its glory! LOL

And now, the yeah! On Sunday night's, the Science Channel is airing Firefly!!!
Browncoats, unite!!!

I love that one season wonder! I know I have the series on dvd, but it's so nice to just have it pop on all by itself. Shindig was on Sunday, the one with Kaylee's bouffant of a dress!! Love it!!

Look what someone did!! They put the crew of Serenity in Star Fleet uniforms!! LOL Cute, very cute!!

What are you watching? Is it worth it? LOL 



  1. My favs are Amazing Race and House Hunters and Million Dollar Listing. Not much of a TV person...never really have been. Now the hubby....that's a whole different story! Luv the new background Gena!

  2. I love Firefly too! I haven't watched much TV since going back to teaching three years ago. Sometimes I miss it but mostly I read now and enjoy that.