Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

     Not just the name of a really good book, but something we all do. That tv show we don't ''really'' want people to know we watch; reading Twilight for, like, the millionth time and still wishing we could be Bella (not the actress who plays her....ewww) or some odd little habit, like, I don't know, say.........eating ice cream in the bath tub and reading a trashy novel.
     What are your guilty pleasures? Those endearing, yet totally embarrassing, things you like to do that only a special few know about; tease you about it and do the same gosh danged thing!!

A few of mine:

Paranormal romance novels. YEESSSSSSS, Twilight is one of them!! Goooo Team Edward!

     As I mentioned before, Guilty Pleasures is a great paranormal romance. Unfortunately, the series has taken a turn to the ewwww and iiiccckkkk and WHAT??!! But the first three books in the series are great!

     TV shows you say? Oh, I've got two that people really shouldn't know about. LOL They do and I get teased. The hubster really used to give me a hard time about this one: Rock of Love.

     These people were a train wreck and I just couldn't get enough. Okay, not entirely true. Rock of Love Bus was just not good. Two seasons was enough. Don't get me wrong, I'm no quitter and I watched it until the bitter end. :-) Bret Michaels is gag-a-licious. Not ga-ga as in oh baby, but gag me with a spoon. The bad fake hair, the banadana....I  had a bad case of  ''deer in the headlights".....I couldn't stop....I tried, I really did, but it just wasn't happening. LOL  If the show hadn't ended, I would've needed a 12 step intervention. hahahahaha

     Here's another one: Celebrity Apprentice. OMG...that Dionne Warwick is not a nice persoooonnnnnn.

I've got a few more, but that's another blog!!

What is something you love, but just don't want outted? he he he  C'mon!! It can't be that bad!! It's not like you have a Star Trek uniform hanging in your closet..........................................like me!!!!



  1. I would love to tell you what mine are....but then they wouldn't be secret anymore :) I can tell you what they are NOT.....no romance novels, and no vampires for me thanks :)

  2. I KNOW you secretly love you some Trek!! Just sayin............

  3. If I tell you...then I'll have to kill you....

  4. I ain't afraid of you and I know some of them...mwah ha ha

  5. vampire novels my fav^^
    and romance old ones too^^