Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I did this???

Have you ever been rummaging through a box of fabric, grab a corner of what you think is what you are looking for and it is something that you totally forgot about? Well, that just happened to me.

I was looking for a bunch of muslin to make a test garment, I grabbed a corner of fabric and pulled......I did get muslin, only it was a mini quilt, not loose fabric.

I took a hand quilting class a long, long time ago with the Roxanne Thimble lady. I even have an autographed copy of the hand quilting book!!

Here's the Roxanne Brand Thimble. It's almost the smallest one they make. LOL

And my handiwork. You can soooo tell I am a beginner!

Maybe I should frame it?? Quilting as art.....I like it!!  

All in all, a really nice surprise.



  1. Nicely done Gena :) You should bind it and hang in the the wall. I'm still waiting to get my chance to start my little project......

  2. Very nice! I learned to hand quilt about 20 years ago and still have the 1 and only piece I did, but it also needs to be finished. Maybe I'll drag it out and bind it and use it as wall art too. It's "americana" so it would be perfect for 4th of July!

  3. so pretty! you should bind it and hang it.!

  4. It's so pretty, it shouldn't be hidden away. Displaying it has my vote.