Monday, March 28, 2011

New and finished projects

I was supposed to be cutting out and getting a muslin ready for a Friday fitting today. I just haven't got the energy. I caught a cold. A Bad cold. The kind where your ears are plugged and your head and lungs feel like they are stuffed with cotton. Ugh!! I keep blaming my friend Amy for giving it to me, but, alas, you cannot catch a cold from facebook. LOL

The wedding dress in question will be a compilation of these four patterns to create a ''mullet'' style wedding dress. Business on the top and a party underneath. It's the newest thing: you have a short dress and you wear a skirt over (or under ) it, and after the ceremony and obligatory photo ops, you pull it off and party the night away it relative comfort.

I will post updates as they happen. I think it going to turn out great!

On the finished front....some really cute baby bibs. They are two sides and there are two of each. I hope the snaps don't pop off. LOL  It's been awhile since I used the snap pliers. I could've went velcro, but the look wasn't nearly as cute.

On the ''just for me" front:

I am in need of some cute shorts and cropped pants. Sweats are the utmost in comfort, but I just can't consider 'grunge' a viable fashion statement any longer. It isn't the 90's, my kids are teenagers and do not spit up on my clothes any more and I only own one pair of beater sweats that never, NEVER EVER, get worn outside of the house. Let's face it, I'm a little too old for grunge to look cool on. I successfully transitioned into jeans a long time ago, but I am ready for a little update. I may even make a few button front cotton/linen tops and a *gasp* dress. I know right, me?? :-)

View B on the Vogue.......there are knee darts and really deep this look.
I could go either view on the McCall's, I'll just have to see what length works best with my legs.
They both have elastic, bit I will probably convert the Vogue to zippered and take out a lot of the fullness in the booty area. This baby ain't got much back. LOL

Finally, May 2, I will be joining the Jeans sew along on MPB .  I have this pattern,

But I may get this pattern. It's had some good reviews and I do like a little stretch in my denim . 
It will not have the flare. Didn't like it in the 70's, don't like it now.


I like these for a more traditional fit, but they might be out of print. That's what esty and ebay are for, right?

**Not sewing related**. 
We are currently updating our kitchen. Right now,  it looks like we bought our lighting at the 
WWII, Nazi Interrogation Room Warehouse. LOL  Recessed lighting is roughed in right now and once it's wired, the hubs can fix the ceiling . New counter tops, cook-top and a hood, along with a fresh coat of paint and some new curtains will round out the mini remodel.


What's got your creative juices a flowin'?

Join me as I progress through the wedding dress and jeans. 
Heck, make your own jeans, or use old jeans for something entirely not clothes related.
Share you linkie so we can all join you on your creative ride.



  1. Can't wait to see the new kitchen! What colors are you doing?
    Hope you feel better soon! Do you need anything?

  2. boring colors. an oiled sandstone( dark graphite-ish) laminate for the counter tops. stainless for the sink, cooktop and hood. I want white-white for the paint, but probably something closers to pale khaki or wet sand or maybe a faded cranberry like my tv cabinet. who the heck knows! LOL
    What do I need? I need to get better. :-)

  3. I have to say...I'm likin that light fixture. Very retro :) Man you are one busy lady. No wonder you got sick. You need a break. And probably some chocolate....yeah chocolate for sure. And if you don't really feel like having any chocolate...can I have yours?

  4. soooooo Exicted about the wedding dress!!!! Sorry you are not feeling it right now though. How about I bring some psycho donuts on Friday? What kind do you like????

  5. hahaha have my chocolate, I ain't that sick woman! Even though I can't taste much of anything right now.

    Polly, I like the glazed and confused the best, but a captain crunch or something with chocolate and nuts and/or coconut would work too. Nothing filled. Nope. donuts that squirt are not good. LOL