Wednesday, June 3, 2015

In Honor of National Running Day....

5k Madnesssssssss

I keep telling myself to blog at least once a week, but then life gets in the way, and there had been a whole lotta livin' goin' on. And that is a good thing!!

A few pics of the last several weeks....

My friend Denise and I did #runlikeadiva on the SF Bay......sooo wanna do it again!

The official Regena pit crew...of one. The hubs

Waiting for our group to be called to the starting line

Almost time....sleeves off....brrrrrr like a big dang dog

And we're off.......

 Getting close...we passed the tiara/boa station


Our goal.....not last. Piece o' cake!


I knew people there....surprise!

Katie from school

a fellow nuu-muu-er

Can't forget packet pick-up day....

I am actually a "wogger" (walker+jogger) and it has been so fun to earn a little bling to keep me motivated on my journey into better health. Fitting into a regular ol' large instead of a 2X is a great bonus!

I did get some sewing in, but that's for another post.

And now.....the gratuitous granddot shot....little miss thang turned three....3!!!

I know, I know....I am making the gramma face

Happy living!!


  1. You are workin' it gurl!!! And Bella is adorable :)

  2. Looks like you've been having fun! I got my Spock medal in the mail! :)