Monday, June 15, 2015

My Sewing room saw some action...finally

I have done little bits here and there and even a finish or two with lots of sewing in the pipeline.....first up an Olaf costume for VBS........that is gonna be interesting, let me tell pattern, just wingin it. lol

I made a phone bean bag. Pretty easy. Not thrilled with the shape. 
Does it work....quite well. 

Finished a quilt top

Went to an American Jane open house and picked up some backing fabric

Finished a giftee for a friend's birthday. My first sashiko project.
Yes, there will be more.

Working on an anniversary gift for my son and his bride

Scraps for a quilt for my granddot

Treated myself to a little Who love from sewmuch2luv

She sent a few scraps so I could make a matching sewing case

A sewmuch2luv original with a matching sewing kit

grocery bag b-day gift

Father's day 5k.....a little early

A wacky couple of days of manic weather

Gratuitous granddot shot.
She is helpin papa and her lips are blue because grammy has ring pops in da house/  

I so want to be a finisher, so I figure even it I just sew or prep or something for at least 15-30 minutes a day, things will get done. I have other responsibilities and I usually won't sew unless all my "haftas" are done, but I am getting better at adding fun into my daily planner. Not just tv time, but actual go outside or sew something time. After Olaf, I am going to finish that darned Eva dress.....yessireebob!

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  1. Fun fun fun :) Can't wait to see that Eva dress......if you "Eva" get it done! Ha....see what I did there?