Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween fun!

The Hubs, the Dot and I spent a lovely few hours at Dell'Osso Farms in Lathrop, CA on Sunday.
I have wanted to do the corn maze for-ev-er!!
I am quite sure I had more fun than they did, but what ev........
Here's a few shots of our day!! And yes, I will be doing this again next year....heck, they have a Christmas thing coming up.....hmmmmmm

I climbed up to the sign and helped them push. Bad me.

EEEEEEEE....I was so excited!

this was the harder of the three mazes

I didn't see any children of the corn

We were actually right where the hubs is pointing. 
And yes, it was a dead end...for the third time. hahahahaha

Easy peasy maze

Corn....as far as the eye can see and me in the middle.

We made it!!

I call this Beyond Pumpkin Dome. Can anyone else hear Tina Turner Sing?

See us climbing?

ridin the train

I may have blended.

It would be awesome at night with flashlights and a tractor ride to the haunted house.....oh yeah!

A few more views of the area...

Farmin on the river....ahhhhhhhh


  1. Oh Regena,
    it's pics like these that really make me miss California!
    "You can take the girl outta California,,but ya can't take the California outta the girl!"

    Luv the sunny fun pics....

  2. We've been to that farm 1 time and it was pouring rain and miserable! The corn maze was total mud. But we had fun and will probably go back next year. And yes...I think you had more fun than Pat and Sophie!

  3. You are corny for sure! Glad you had a good time. Next year your little Bella will be a'toddling around with you :) That's when the real fun begins!

    1. this place it too big for the littles, but smith Farms right up the road is perfect! And I think there is still a place in Clayton too.