Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Red Comparison

My little red scissors came today.....sooooo little, soooooo cute and sooooooo not quite there.
Don't get me wrong....they are cute, RED and sharp...they will get used.....a lot.

I compared them them to a pair of Gingher 4" knife edge scissors since they were the closet in style and size that I have.

As you can see, the red ones are 4.5" and the Gingher's are 4"
Both have finger holes on the small side, but the red are a touch bigger

The Gingher's have smooth blades and the Bohin's have one smooth blade and one micro serrated blade.

The Bohin's blade is a little thinner than the Gingher's and the angle of the sharpening is more severe.

They both snip embroidery threads quite decidedly. Six strand of floss to #8 perle and bakers twine....noooo problems for either.

They both cut two layers of fabric nicely, but the Gingher's will do four layers with ease....6 with effort. The Bohin's will not do four. I used a basic quilter's quality cotton fabric.

The Gingher's have a little bit smoother action, but they have been around awhile. They also have a little more heft to them. The tips are also a little finer with points all the way to the end of both blades. The Bohin's have one very pointy blade and one with a squared off tip.

Over all, the Bohin's are a nice pair of scissors and being red makes them a stand out.

Quality wise with a good price point, I still haven't found a pair that beats any of my Gingher's. And if you have a 40% coupon, you can get them at Joann's for under $20.00. The Bohin's were $25.00 plus shipping.

Yep, a big thumbs up. Are they scissors nirvana? Not quite, but darn close.

Now to save up for a pair of  Dovo's. They do not have a good price point and they will be about $40-45.00 plus shipping for a comparably sized pair. But I have heard wonderful things about them...glowing even.

Be sure to leave a comment on this post: Red, Red...I want Red for your chance to win a pair of Bohin mini embroidery scissors and a few embroidery supplies courtesy of me and my quest to find the perfect pair of scissors.

Happy Stitching!


  1. You are having to much fun with this. There's a pair of Ginghers at M & L that I'm coveting. They are 20% off everyday there. Maybe I'll pick them up one day :)

  2. I love sissors - sort of a collector. I, too, love my Ginghers.

  3. Dovo scissors are supposed to be the king of scissors. They are a little too expensive for me.

  4. You are a scissor queen! I too love my Gingher's and I'm glad you turned me on to them.

  5. Always could use a pair of shape scissors.