Friday, July 5, 2013


Pins and Snips Stay-Put Pin cushion and Thread Catcher

A new, fun, useful, easy-peasy pattern from freshman designer Karen of SewMuch2luv fame.

It is available for instant PDF download in from her Etsy shop. The pattern includes a full size print out pattern and instructions for the  "Button Mouse" embroidery. It is the first of several patterns that will be released soon by SewMuch2Luv with stitchery patterns designed exclusively by Susie Layman of "Threads on My Socks".  

I was lucky enough to get to preview this pattern. She knows I have a pincushion problem affinity.

It went together easily; her instructions are pretty darn clear and who doesn't need a secure place for pins and snippets? Who? 

I don't really do cute and adorable. Sci fi and All Hallow's Eve....oh and yeah!
So instead of the absolutely darling embroidery pattern that comes with it (score), I "Ghassed" it up a bit.

Here it is right next to my machine.
It is large, weighted and has grippy fabric on the bottom.
I fiddled and faddle and pushed and shoved.....and this baby stayed put!
Notice how the bag hangs at just the right angle for tossing in snippets of thread?

These faces are so much fun to stick with pins....really!! LOL

I opted for rick rack as my trim.

A wonderful first pattern! I can tell you this will get used and made as giftees for a few fellow sewing buds.....cute little mouses and all! I do loves me some embroidery!

Rush right over and get some sewing goodness in your in box today!!


  1. Looks awesome in the Ghastlies! Too bad there aren't 4 ladies....could be the Chicas!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my special day with me!!! You rock!

    1. It was a pleasure to help launch your new venture!

  3. The pattern is totally tterrific :-)! I love your choice of colors & fabric, Sew cute :-)!

  4. Hello Regena:
    I have started a quilt drive to send quilts to specific families for the firefighters who lost their lives in Arizona. We have around 26 more needed. If you could mention this on your blog or you can send one, it would be so appreciated. They need to be larger than lap sized to fit an adult!