Sunday, March 2, 2014


Yep, I went and done did it. 
I shouldn't have. I did not even need to be window shopping. It was soooo not a need. 
But I really, really wanted to.
And then it happened.....the kinda thing you only read about. A vintage singer for a desk....runs well.....pretty the kinda cheap you can't say no I went and looked at it. It was all true. $48.00 dollars later.........say hello to my wee Scottish lass...

No, I did not buy a machine just because I already had scissors that would go with it, not really, okay, maybe just a little tiny bit.

a little rustic, but not too bad considering
a December 5, 1958 birthday

you use your leg, not your fun is that?

A little roughness on this side, nothing a little elbow grease can't fix. 


This is one of the fancy ones with a touch of chrome

 The drawers were full of vintage notions

 Brady Bunch era notions

And a "touch" of lint in the bobbin area

I am pretty happy with my purchase. I have to do some serious cleaning in tight spaces and convert the lamp bulb to LED cuz that sucker gets hot...real hot. But it will be so nice to have a machine that's bed is even with the table top.....sooooo nice.

Now, I have a red pair of scissors...hmmmmmmmmm......I think I saw a red Viking on craigslist.................

Happy hunting and sewing.....

deets for us sewing nerds:
  • EN 913050
  • December 5, 1958
  • Kilbowie, Scotland
  • Singer 185k
Three names that I am pondering:  Agatha - Fiona - Nessie


  1. She's pretty. Here's to many happy sewing moments. And I think she looks like a Fiona

  2. She's a beauty! I like Fiona too :) Makes me think of Shrek....who is also green!

    1. I forgot about Shreks' Fiona, i just looked up scottish names