Tuesday, November 4, 2014

And the Remodel Saga Continues...

A few updates from whydidwestartthisremodelduringtheholidaymonths front....................

The hubs went rogue with a paint choice....a bad paint choice..... and God smiled down upon my retinas and that stuff peeled like a ripe tangerine....Thank you!

New color....it's more yellow in person

The front on my apron front sink came with a gouge. I know SS will scratch, but it should be my family that does the scratching...gouges don't buff out so easy. Back it went and a replacement is on its way. 

a cat may have stepped in the paint

Finally, the floors and cabinetry arrive 

I am one cabinet short and one cabinet over and my correct cabinet is waiting for me at ikea.

We hope to be done by Christmas, barring any more issues. We still need to pick a faucet and a stove. We will get a new fridge after the first of the year.
We are looking at one of these babies....

That's right....freezerless. I know, right.
There is a whirlpool/kenmore that is similar, but the inside is just a smidge different..I am leaning toward that one.

Hope your holiday season is less stressful but just as exciting!

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