Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 8

Hoop view week 8. I am pretty sure that this thing will get filled before a year is up unless I go with a lot of fill stitching in between motifs.

 Flip side

My not so helpful helper

Checked out a few books for technique and inspiration from my local library. 
They have an amazing selection. I started a list of books I want to check out and began with these 7.
did you know there is a mystery series with embroidery? I know, right.
If I love one, I will buy it. I ♥ my library.

Worked on a mini quilt. 16 spool blocks make up a 12" block. Oy.
Tiny is hard. Going to minter my border and a little bit of hand stitching, maybe something
that resembles thread wrapped around the spool, then bind, the done!

 ♪♫You better work (work it girl) ♪ give it to me (work it girl) ♫ smile for the camera...♫♪

Dot and granddot tearing my closet apart and doing a fashion show.
They were too funny.

Anyone in blogland doing the #1yearofstitches?
Got crazy family members?
Love mini quilts?
Love their local library?

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