Saturday, May 13, 2017

Week 18 and more

It's been pretty busy around here so let's just get to it.....

Hoop View. I'm doing little motifs to fill it in and a small amount of stitching so it can last the year.

The granddot is having a Sleepy Beauty party and gram gram is making a few of the party favors..
Sleeping Masks

Pay attention to one way designs. LOL

Cat not helping 


A real 4 leaf clocer 

Look at all them ducks!!! 

Now this is a backyard...wish it was mine

All my embroidery scissors. Yikes! I may have a problem. 

Grand time 

A welcome pineapple from, Studio MME
I joined the monthly embroidery club because I HAD to have the 'sacre' pigeon" 

I've done some stitchy goodness, been to a retreat in Oregon and spent time with the grand and my mom. Yep, good busy.

Any stitchy or family goodness in your world?

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