Wednesday, February 20, 2019 busy!! And a blog question at the bottom.

Lost of good stuff happening at my end. It keeps me from playing on social media, but that's okay, it means I am out there livin'.

A little bag for the bride and groom.

Did some pattern matching on my binding.
It's not really going to get noticed since it will be narrow, but I know it matches and that's all that matters. LOL 

A pretty little pattern from #studiomme

A little treat bag for the grand for Valentine's Day.
Loves me some #sweetwaterfabric and patterns.

A little Napa wedding. My baby girl is now a Mrs. 

A baby quilt for some new grandparents.

Gratuitous granddot shot

My hair is finally long enough to french braid, 
now I want to cut it all off again. 

Finished this little gem for #studiomme
My first time being a test stitcher. I hope I did her proud.

A dress for my DIL. She has a photography business and 
wants flowy, one-of-kind dresses for her shoots.
Draping isn't something I am good at, but new skills are always welcomed.

Tons more happening that didn't make this post. 
New house, first time dealing with snow, tearing down walls, arguing over what to do, typical couple junk. hahahahaha

I'm trying to get back into blogging but instagram is so quick and easy that I just literally phone it. Snap, a couple of lines, post.

What kinds of things would you like to see on this blog? 
More tutorials? Sewing, personal?
I think I want it to be more focused instead of haphazard.
Let me know!!

Happy living!!


  1. For me, I don't have a cell phone, so I miss out on the Instagram stuff. I like sewing, quilting, tutorials and a bit of personal info thrown in for good measure. Lovely photos..I just matched the binding on my last quilt too!

    1. If I could get by without a cell phone, or at least a smart phone, I would. It seems to be the only way my kids communicate with me and each other. Plus, that google maps thing...that's awesome!