Saturday, December 17, 2011

FNSI and tutorial

 Well, I got a lot accomplished. I made this stocking and took all the pics for a tutorial AND I cut out all the fabric for 12, twelve, pillowcases. Alas, not much happened in the ol' sewing room today and it ALL needs to be done the 24th. lol

On to the tute!!

First, get some paper to use for your pattern. I like old desk calendar paper. It's heavy and when you buy it at the dollar store or in March, it's uber cheap!

Find a stocking shape and size you like. Or free hand a design. I am not that good. lol

I hold mine down with these 'weights' 
I used green and red salsa to keep it festive. :-)

Stockings can be kinda fluffy, so hold down the fabric as you trace. 

After you're done, it will look like this....don't forget to add the seam allowance. 
I just cut my fabric a little wider, but having them on the pattern is better.

 Does it look the way you want?

No? Trim it until it does.

Time to measure for your cuff.

A whole bunch of measurements for the cuff. 
It will be 2 times the width plus one seam allowance
2 times the depth and 2 times the seam allowance
We'll come back to this is a bit

Cut out:
2 showy fabric
2 lining fabric
2 pieces of batting, fusible fleece or other materiel to make the stocking feel substantial.
If you use sturdy fabric or you aren't quilting it, skip it.

At this point, do any quilting or embellishing.  Lay your cuff out so you know where you want stuff.

Sew right sides together. Leave the top open.

 Turn the stocking side out. clip any curves if you need to.
Then put the liner in, wrong sides facing each other,

Match seams and pin into place....baste

 This is the link to a cuff tutorial I did last year. It's much more thorough than this one is.

 Make a loop or get some twill tape and cut it as long as you want the loop. 
Mine was about 5-6" long for a 3" drop.
Pin to the inside of the stocking in the seam area on the heel side

Now, cut you fabric according to your measurements.

Fold in half..drop sides together

Sew that one seam closed

Press it open

Fold over and make it all even and pretty

Pin to the inside of the stocking. Sew. Finish the edge with a zigzag, serger or pinking shears

Pull out the cuff. I signed my creation. lol

Fold down the cuff, pull up the loop and you are good to go.
Use this as a spring board to create a masterpiece of your very own. A family heirloom even!!
Trust me, it took longer to explain that to make. LOL
Merry Christmas!!


  1. wished you'd posted this last month :O the way I constructed the stocking for my partner was so interestingly wrong that it worked...

  2. Totally cute stocking and really well done tute! Love it!!!

  3. Ooh! Brilliant tutorial - I will have to bookmark it for next year. Love the text on the stocking to - very festive!

  4. Great Tute. I bought fabric last year to make quilted Christmas stockings for us. Now it's two nights before Christmas and I haven't even pulled out the fabric yet. looks like another year with the old stockings.

  5. super cute!! love the coasters you're giving as a prize on the sew along blog too!