Thursday, December 22, 2011

Possible New Obsession

I've been seeing this little critters around the blogoshere and I think I want some. Nope, I'm sure I want at least one pair. What the heck am I talking about? Fingerless gloves/mittens!
I hate - HATE - being cold but you can't really do anything with gloves or mittens on, but wait! There is a solution...get rid of all the finger bulk!!
Here's a little pictorial of some I've spied.....I do prefer the ones with a little bit of thumb coverage as opposed to thumbless.

Yeppers, a nice, not overly bulky pair would suit me just fine. Mmmmmmmm, I don't knit or crochet. so it's off to etsy...unless someone wants to trade an apron or a sock money for a pair...just sayin. :-)
I think I like the pink ones (style wise) the far. 


  1. I could totally see you rock a pair of these :) They wouldn't do me any good as it's my fingers that get cold....not so much my hands :)

  2. I love my fingerless gloves! I got mine from SewEcological on Etsy. :) But she's on vacation until January. :(

  3. I just finished knitting a pair of flippins (what I call fingerless gloves with mitten flaps) for my daughter. They were pretty darn quick and easy.
    I'm more a lurker than a commenter so you don't really know me from Adam but if you want to do a trade I'd be more than happy to knit you a pair.

  4. Anita, ah yes!!! I'll email you!!!

  5. I can't knit well enough to do these but you could definitely make your own using some felted wool sweaters.

  6. hi there
    if you are still looking to trade then please get in touch. there are some photos of ones ive already made on my blog and id love a new apron!