Saturday, September 22, 2012

Long time, No blog and a little Quilt Show

Hello blogland!!

I have been quite absent, I know. A whole lotta life came and sucked all my creativity and zestiness for a little while, but now I am back and life can just kiss my boo-tay.

I haven't sewn much, but I started up again last night. Just a little hand work to get back in the groove.

 I felt at one with the desert, as of late, so that was my motif. Got these at sublime stitching when they had a big sale a couple weeks back. 

Went to a quilt show today in Livermore. The quilt shop In Between Stitches hosts a show at Alden Lane Nursery called Quilting in the Garden. Cute little show. Well over 100 quilts, a couple of vendors (I would've loved a few more) and a few big name quilters, like Alex Anderson showing their quilts and chatting with us little people.

A few pics:

A Christmas Tree that features shoes!! 
Sparkly shoes!

Me amongst the sunflowers and the bees.

 Believe it or not, this was all I bought.
I know right, I must be off my game. lol
I've been wanting to try this hoop for awhile and I finally saw one. 
The pearl cotton is for some hand quilting....I think.  Maybe just some added prettiness after it's machine quilted.....we shall see where my mojo takes me.

What's on the horizon?  I am in a dresden plate swap, so I better get off my bottom and make them......due November oneth.

Granddaughter's first Halloween......hmmmmmmmmm She will be too little to trick or treat, but maybe she needs a festive little set of jamjams.

Christmas sewing. I haven't really planned any, but it just isn't Christmas without a little handcrafted object or two, right?! OOOooo, grandbaby needs her first Christmas stocking! 
Now I have a plan!!


  1. You realize you purchased TWO PINK ITEMS!!! I knew you would come over to the pink side :)

  2. Beautiful quilt show. Sorry I missed it! Love the stitching too. Looks good!

  3. Beautiful quilts! First Halloween? Letssee, Grace was a bumblebee with a store bought costume. Year after that she was Foofa from that kids' show Yo Gabba Gabba. that one was interesting, 'cause I had to figure out how to make it because no such pattern exists. Year after that, she refused to wear the homemade costume and ended up being Scooby Doo. And last year, she insisted that she and her new baby sister wanted to be "Nice pumpkins, not scary pumpkins, but with big teeth and fangs". So I made matching vampire pumpkin costumes. I took in the pumpkin part of the Simplicity costume pattern for baby Nicole and made them long sleeve green shirts and leggings for Grace and footed bottoms for Nicole. Good times. :) This year, Nicole is going to be an owl. I'm starting her costume next week. Grace is a bat, and their mom (my SIL) bought the costume last year after Halloween. Grace likes it because it lights up. My brother is going to be their tree, and my SIL is talking about being a bat house, so it's a family theme this year!

    1. I have a box of costumes for me and the kids. including the one they wore when they we one

  4. isn't the Alden Lane show gorgeous - great pics, tfs!