Saturday, September 1, 2012

Finished and Sulky Fabri-Solvi Review

Well, I finished one little embroidery project using the sticky sulky fabri-solvy. It sewed fine. I didn't need to change my needle or anything. It was great not having to trace, however, I am not thrilled with the outcome of the finished project. Maybe I need more practice? You be the judge:

The back. Not bad, not bad at all........

 The front with the sulky still there. looking pretty good too. 
I used a single strand of dmc floss and the stem stitch for 99% of the embroidery.

 After I rinsed. The threads are all loose and a knot got pulled to the front. 
It's still okay, but not nearly as crisp as before the rinse. 
Maybe when it's fully dry I will feel differently, but I am not hopeful.

I printed up several motifs on a sheet, didn't want to be wasteful ya know, so I will try it with multiple strands of floss and some pearl cotton with the next projects. I will pull things a little tighter too and see if that makes a difference. If I am still 'eh' with it, I will go back to iron ons or tracing. I hope it gets better because the idea is amazing and easy peasy.

My grades.....
Ease of use - A
Cost - B-
Outcome - C-

**update** it dried a little tighter, but it isn't near as crisp as it was before the rinse. We are now up to regular C or a C-+  lol 

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  1. Very cute either way :) Denise is going to love him!!!