Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm sewing again!
I've been really busy with life and kids and a grand kid(not enough grand kid, just sayin) that I really haven't made time in my schedule to sew. I am starting to adjust to the new school driving routine; it eats up about two hours of my of which I used to use for crafty time. I'll find a groove soon enough, don't you worry.

Today, I made the time. Nothing too strenuous since I am fighting off a cold. Me? A cold.....I am almost never sick. Yukkorama. I prepped some hand work for quiet/tv time.

Don't look at the messy table. LOL
My Crafty Chicas table runner.
Playing around with length and what kind, if any, divider I may want to add.

Trying out this instead of tracing embroidery.
I hear it's fab-u-lous

Also trying a new hoop.
There is another, spring loaded, one I want to try too. I've got an oval and a 4" round, but I think a 5" or 6" springloaded will do the trick. 
Watch for an embroidery giveaway! I will be making a little kit with a hoop and floss and my favorite needles and everything.......very soon!!

I bought this color toweling instead of plain ol' red this time.
I thought the stripe was along the bottom, oh well, I kinda like it. As you can see, a little fall embroidery motif using the sulky fabri-solvi.

And now, the gratuitous grand kid she a doll or what?

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  1. it done yet??? huh? is it?????

    And YES that little girlie is too cute for words!